30 Cows Riddle

Okay, so this is an old riddle but I thought I would dig it back up and see how many people here at Alpha Media could answer it!  No one was successful.  This riddle is actually a pretty tough one.  I couldn’t answer it when I first read it, but that should come as no surprise to anyone!

In the above video, Randy Gattis, the sales manager here at Alpha, did answer the riddle correctly but it was after a very big hint.  Speaking of Randy, you don’t want to know what he has in his hand.  Yep, it’s exactly what it looks like.  Dennis Leverett, an account executive, couldn’t quite figure it out either.

This is Petey Pete.  You can catch his show from 3 pm to 7 pm Monday through Friday on 104.9 The Beat.  This dude always acts like he’s ready for what I’m bringing but he never is.  One thing that Pete and I have in common is making stupid videos for your viewing pleasure.  Sometime’s “G’s” just don’t have all of the answers!

This video proves that being smart does not mean you can answer a riddle.  Blake is a smart dude.  You can tell he’s smart just by looking at the guy.  Yes, that’s profiling so try not to do that.  But he is a smart fellow and he gave the funniest answer of all.  “28, because the chickens didn’t cross the road.”  What??!!!  Hahah!  He just tied this riddle in with a completely different riddle all together!  The funny thing about that answer is he firmly believed that should be the answer.  Almost genius actually, but not quite.  Then there’s Sally from Traffic.   “20 are not chickens.”  She was actually on to something there, but again, not quite.

Thanks to everyone who participated in these videos.  It’s not about making people look stupid because all of these folks are intelligent people.  They really are, it’s really just to show how most people’s brain works.  You hear one number, in this case the number being 30, one will automatically assume the that the phrase “20 ate” is the number 28 when it’s actually not!  Pretty cool.



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