30 Minutes of Avengers: Here’s What People Are Saying

“Ah, we’re using our made up names!  I’m Spider-man!”  This movie looks awesome.  Try not to blast me Marvel Comic Comics fans but I never took much interest in the Avengers until this trailer.  Thank you Sean Dillon for the recommendation!

I have yet to see any Avenger movie but I know the basics.  It’s the best of the best good guys against best of the best bad guy(s).  Of course, the CGI in this movie looks crazy so I think I’m pretty excited to see this one.  Maybe I should catch up on the others first…


A few lucky movie insiders got a chance to see about 30 minutes of the new Marvel movie Avengers: Infinity War – and by all accounts, it is meeting expectations.

And while 30 minutes isn’t even close to the actual run time, some are pointing out who they didn’t see:

It’s rumored that 76 different Marvel characters will be showing up in the movie.

Avengers: Infinity War will be in theaters April 27, 2018.


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