36 More Hours of Miracles

I can’t believe that it is that time of year again. It kind of almost feels like I just got finished wrapping up last years 36 Hours of Miracles.

I guess as we get older that’s just kind of how life becomes, we get so busy with just the day to day grind that a lot of things feel like they happened a week ago when they actually happened a year ago. It’s been a year since I hit the airwaves to tell you about a whole new group of miracle kids. Kids that I’ve run into over the year and I’ve kind of watch grow up. What’s funny is it still just amazes me how kids who were met with such crazy and unpredictable circumstances are just growing up and it’s all because of this amazing community that is here in Lubbock.


Like Jael… This little girl contracted bauchalism (which is such a crazy scary thing) and she has grown and thrived like every little girl should.


Or how about the Hawkins triplets. The naturally occurring triplets. For this to have happened according to dad was about as likely as winning the lotto, but survival numbers are even scarier. According to national statistics 114 out 100,000 triplet births survive. To me those are some crazy numbers, but thankfully we have a place like the Children’s Hospital at UMC. With some pretty amazing staff.


People who help itty bitty babies fight, and doctors that specialize in the fields of oncology treatment for kids. Dr. Tiva is one of the many doctors I get to talk to from year to year and what is funny is hearing about him coming into a patients room and playing a ukulele and singing to the kids. He doesn’t tell this story, the kids and parents tell us about him coming and making their little one smile.

I think Dr. Tiva broke a record this year… and that makes me smile, just knowing that he loves and cares for his patients so much that he would do such a thing to help lift their spirits.

Last year I talked a lot about reasons to give.

I also introduced you to some kids that have really shared their stories with me.

Like Emmy. She is a Type I diabetic. This is not something that you get because you eat to much sugar and don’t work out enough. This is sadly just something that just happens. I went to school with a girl who had the same thing. And every time I tell Emmy’s story I think about my friend from school, and how I never really knew the things that must have gone on before she got to her version of normal.

Then there is sweet Avery. This girl beat a tennis ball size tumor and has not slowed down. She’s in school, doing the normal girl things…. I’ve even heard dad is having to beat the boys off with a stick.

And the amazing Keaty sisters, Hannah and Tabitha. Tabitha was diagnosed with Elher’s and Hannah was diagnosed with Cronh’s, but kind of right at the same time. They are in college and still up to silly girl things, I love seeing the world through their eyes on their Instagram pages.

This year my perspective is a little different. I am getting married and one thing we talk about is of course having kids. We talk about things like how long do we want to wait before trying, boys or girls or both, how many, and so on. I jokingly one night told my fiance that twins run in our family (Which isn’t a big joke, they really do). He joked back that its works out well for everyone, I get my two kids, and he only has to live through one pregnancy. Ha! My fiance can be so funny.

This year however, I have had my senses tuned a little differently. When you think “oh someday when I have kids…” you tend to think that this one thing won’t affect you. Not having this one piece of life saving equipment won’t change your child’s out come, because you aren’t there yet. You aren’t living in that moment. Well, my someday just got very real.

We talk about having kids, and we talk about when and how we “plan” for all of that… I know that God will laugh when you tell him your plans. I’m thinking 2-3 years out. We could have honeymoon babies or we could end up adopting 10 years from now, but I do know that things are tugging at me differently this year.

This year I have sat and listened to the stories of teenagers just living life and doing teenager things, winding up in the hospital wondering if there is going to be brain damage, or if they can save this limb; or babies born at 20 weeks gestation, or a baby contracting a toxin that just systematically shuts your kidney’s down… All of these scary awful things.

I even had hit a point where I was going, “do I want to have kids??? All of these terrible things can happen!!!”

Then I remembered why I consider the 36 Hours of Miracles the best part of my job. I get to talk about the miracles. Which are not uncommon at the UMC Children’s Hospital. There are many reasons for it, but topping the list is the staff that have these amazing hearts for kids, and the community of Lubbock and the surrounding area; which is unlike any other community in the country. We are a city with the heart and soul of a small town.

Every year I ask you to become a miracle maker and donate. This year I’m asking you to donate with me. I am not asking as a personality or just some person you listen to on the radio. I’m asking you to join me in this because I am now very much exploring the possibilities of becoming a mom, and I love that I have a place like the Children’s Hospital at UMC, and an organization like Children’s Miracle Network that work every day to make miracles happen.

Now all we need is you.

You can call 770-KIDS; 770-5437 during the 36 Hours of Miracles or click here to donate now.

You won’t only be helping kids right now, but you are helping set up future generations for success.


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