Single People: Today Is Your Day

They’re calling it Valentine’s Day.  I call it Wednesday.  Not everyone has someone to have a romantic evening with tonight.  Just know, I am thinking of you.  This list is for you and me!  I have come up with five things we can do to enjoy Valentine’s Day as singles.  Take heed!

1. Hit on everyone you find attractive.

This is the best of all of them.  Why not, right?  You have no one to go home to so find someone to at least romance for a night.  Who knows, you might have something!  At the grocery store, getting gas, at the bar, hell it doesn’t matter!  Today, don’t be afraid of  rejection.  After all, it’s likely that if you don’t give up, someone will take you up on your offer.  It’s all in fun.

2.  Go out tonight.

Holler at your single friends and get to the bar.  Guys, whatever you do, DO NOT go out by yourself and start talking to women.  Females can get away with that and not look creepy.  Guys can’t.  Is that sexism?  Guys, buy the girls some drinks and turn on the charm.  Ladies, bat those pretty eyes and keep us guessing.

3.  Buy something for yourself.

If you’re not really into looking for someone to hang with tonight but you have feelings and want to feel something, go buy something.  That always works.

4.  Call your ex.

This is a terrible idea.  Don’t do this.

5.  Call mom.

If you are this desperate to feel love on Valentine’s Day, then you should really start dating online or something.  Perhaps get a cat or dog.  Actually, being this lonely, you will probably need both.

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