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Available:  Am I single? Yes. Many women in my past have apparently made good decisions.

[B] Best concert: I love small venue shows. Seeing Brantley Gilbert play a small bar years ago is definitely up there!

[C] Current clothing: Same as every other day Pinkie, T-shirt, Jeans, Sneakers and of course a Hat.

[D] Dirty little secret: My bathroom at home always needs to be cleaned. ALWAYS.

[E] Eat at the most: Whatever is closest. I hate driving out of my way for food that will taste the same as the burger joint across the street.

[F] Favorite band: Zac Brown Band is my favorite national act. Artists primarily playing in Texas? William Clark Green has been speaking to my soul for the past year, so I’m going to go with him!

[G] Gummy bears or worms: Neither. I like real bears, and real worms. I don’t play around with imitations.

[H] Hometown: Born in Emporia, Kansas. I claim two other towns as hometowns as well. Topeka, Kansas and Overland Park, Kansas.

[I] If I weren't in radio: I’d probably be homeless. Or on the road doing stand-up comedy.

[J] Junk food: Yes. I’m horrible to myself. I love junk food. I don’t drink soda but if it’s greasy there is a very good chance I’m going to be on board with it.

[K] Killer radio moment: I once stayed on air for 10 hours straight to broadcast the wild fires that were happening. I got a lot of calls from very thankful folks.

[L] Listen to me: My mom wanted me to be a lawyer. She still wants to know when I’m going to get a “real job.”

[M] Music to chill to: Wow, random list. You are really asking some good questions. When I just want to relax, I will listen to stuff I don’t normally listen to. Like Ingrid Michaalson and Bret Dennen.

[N] Number of siblings: SIX. But there is math involved. Here we go: 2 brothers from my dad’s previous marriage. 1 Sister from my Mom’s previous marriage. 2 kids from my parents (me and my little brother) and a step brother who joined the family about 10 years ago who is older than all of us!

[O] One wish: I’d wish for one more wish. And then the next wish, wish for one more wish. And so on. I’m pretty sure I’m not doing that right.

[P] Person you'd love to meet:  In my line of work I’ve gotten to meet a lot of country stars. So I think I would like to meet my favorite comedians. Louie C.K. tops that list.

[Q] Quantum Physics: String Theory. I’m all over that….Unfortunately I’ve just been informed that it’s not at all what I thought it was. I was really hoping this was a cheese question.

[R] Reason to smile: I’m doing what a nine year old version of me dreamed of doing.

[S] Start in radio: I lied. It’s true. I wasn’t going to college at the time, but I went to the employment office, grabbed some internship papers and went to my favorite local radio station. They were under the impression I was a legit intern. I worked 80 hours a week for free. They hired me. (note: this approach is not advisable.)

[T] Time you wake up: It really depends on what happened the night before. But if it was a quiet night, About 8:30. Followed by three GIANT cups of coffee.

[U] Underrated band: Wow. I just blew my own mind. Awesome question Letter U! There are so many great bands working their hardest to be seen and known that I love. I’m going to go with Granger Smith. I really think that guy needs to be heard by more people. His story from working with Jason Aldean is a pretty great one too.

[V] Vacation: I either go home to see the family, go to San Angelo to see some friends. Or I DO NOTHING. Seriously. NOTHING. I have been known to not open the front door of my house for days of vacation.

[W] Website you rely on: I love I’m also always on twitter and facebook.

[X] X-rays you've had: Most recently would be my teeth. Oh man, I just realized I have another dentist appointment on Monday. Thanks X. I thought we were cool.

[Y] Your favorite country artists:  In no particular order: Zac Brown Band, William Clark Green, Jason Aldean, Carrie Underwood’s legs, Cory Morrow, Roger Creager, Blake Shelton, and a shout out to my buddy Dan Patterson.

[Z] Zodiac sign: I’m a Sagittarius. And yes, Those hooves are real, and they’re spectacular.
by JR KLLL posted Jun 24 2013 5:05PM
I haven’t been feeling very creative lately. Creative is part of my job description. It’s a tough rut to get out of. So, I figured I would write here until I feel like my block is unblocked. It could take a while. You might be reading the beginning chapter of the next great American novel.  Or, much more likely, a blog post I may never put up.

I recently bought a pick-up. It’s the nicest thing I’ve ever owned. I’ve previously been in vehicles that having a pair of vice grips on hand to get the window up was the normal. In fact, I owned a jeep without windows at all. During the winter it would snow into my back seat. I carried an extra coat whenever I drove. I was homeless for a short period of time and lived in that Jeep.
The Jeep Formerly known as Booger

It was a pretty crummy winter. Owning a new truck and having my creativity drop off makes me think maybe I’m growing soft in that department. Maybe I need to exist on the fringes of things. Having a steady income over the past two and a half years may have done more than made me a little rounder on the outside. Maybe it’s made my brain get fat as well.

I have an idea. I used to write these letters to random people or things. I called them “letters I don’t plan on sending.” This was back in the days of myspace. I was once a pretty popular blogger on there. Well popular may be exaggerating a touch.

So let’s try doing that again.

Dear roommate,
I’m writing this letter because it doesn’t seem as if anything else has gotten through to you. When you moved in, we had the agreement that you would at least keep your area clean. I don’t mind taking care of dinner everyday. I don’t even mind when you crawl in my bed every once in a while. But the trash that comes out of your area is just unacceptable. I understand that you’re a cat. I’ve come to terms with your shedding. I’ve come to accept you only wanting attention at the least convenient moments possible. But getting your litter stuck to my freshly showered feet makes me think you might be an outside cat. I’ve heard every cat is an outside cat when you don’t want it anymore.

Ok, that was a little too far. I’m sorry. It was an idle threat. I promise. Please don’t kill me tonight when I’m asleep.

Sincerely Sorry,
A.K.A. the guy who lives at your house testing your goodwill.

The roommate. She doesn't have a name. If she did, she wouldn't come to it if I called her anyway. 

Dear bartender,
I promise, I probably don’t need that last drink at 1:45 AM. Please don’t listen to anything I say. Just call me a cab.
P.S. So sorry I’m bad with math and tipping. I’m getting better I promise.

Getting ready for a long Tuesday is my guess. 

Dear U.S. Postal Service,
I recently spoke briefly with a postman on a Saturday. I was under the impression Mail service had stopped on Saturdays, so when I even saw a letter carrier, I was a tad surprised. So, being the guy everyone hates at a meeting for asking questions, I asked the aforementioned (thank you thesaurus) “When are you guys stopping delivering on Saturday?” The postal carrier replied, rather tersely I would like to point out, “Never.” With that level of confidence about literally anything else, I would probably be (insert something awesome I couldn’t think of right now.). With that level of confidence, it genuinely surprises me that my mail is constantly being delivered to the wrong mail box. My mail box has my name on it. The one the postal service keeps putting it in does not. This to me is exactly the same as someone wearing and Affliction or Ed Hardy t-shirt. It’s confidence in the wrong place. Let’s start seeing mail go to the right address before we start saying “never” to anything. Saying “Never” should be reserved for questions like “Hey J.R. when do you like anchovies on your pizza?” or “Hey J.R. when will you be buying that new Justin Beiber album?”

Never Yours,
P.S. Please don’t tell anyone what I’m getting delivered to the wrong address.

Dear J.R.,
Please stop using this space to try and rectify your mail problems. If you want to talk to the federal government, just leave yourself a voicemail.
The National Security Agency
P.S. We know what you got delivered in the mail. And frankly, you should be ashamed.

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by JR KLLL posted May 22 2013 4:11PM
I was born and raised in Tornado Alley. A small town called Emporia, Kansas. I saw my first tornado when I was five years old. The tornado I remember the most happened in June of 1990. My mom, sister, little brother and I lived in a small two bedroom apartment on the third floor of a pretty crappy apartment building.

My brother and I would run around on that carport. I'm sure the neighbors loved us.

The sirens sounded, and my mom made us go down to the first floor and get under the stairs in the hallway. We were the only people in the building taking shelter. The kids, not mom. She stayed upstairs and was watching t.v. and talking on the phone.

After about 20 minutes my little brother and I got bored so we went back upstairs. We watched as a dark mass moved across the west side of town. It destroyed a lot of homes. I remember hearing about a dad who drove him and his infant child to a house with a basement, and as he was running into the house with his child in a car seat, he was thrown up against a wall. The car seat was found in a nearby field with a safe baby inside. A story about how a whole house was leveled, and yet, a table with a rose in a vase on it in the basement was left undisturbed in the same house, now with a lot less house.

A story about a dog left outside while the family took shelter. When the family came upstairs they found their dog, house included sitting in their living room. Word has it the dog didn’t move for 3 days.
Those are the happy stories.

There are a lot less of those. There are even less of those going on right now in Moore, OK. I’m heading up to Moore with Dan Patterson Friday night with truckloads of donations. We are taking them to a local church who is ready to help. The Red Cross is busy with relief efforts and FEMA is still helping go through all the damage. It will be ten years before everything is back to normal with everything. But you can’t get back to normal after losing so many loved ones. Kids have died. Brothers have died. Sisters, parents, aunts, uncles, and beloved pets.

The church we are going to is expecting us. They gave us a list of what they needed. This isn’t something that is going to interrupt Red Cross or FEMA efforts. Your donations to the Red Cross are needed as well as your donations to the Salvation Army. Pick an organization you’ve heard of and if you can help, please help. If you would like to help with physical donations, fantastic. We will take whatever you can donate. These are the items they are in need of most.
Sports Drinks
Baby Formula
Toiletries/Hygiene items
Granola Bars/Protein Bars
Canned Goods
Coloring Books

Other items needed will be sunscreen, pop up tents or tarps, as they don’t have roofs in a lot of these situations.

These are our neighbors. I HAVE to help. I hope you’ll donate what you can and make a difference. The drop off is at the Office Grill and Sports Bar at 50th and Frankford until Friday afternoon.


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by JR KLLL posted Apr 18 2013 5:23PM
I’m from a big combined family. All in all there are five boys and a girl.

Just 4 of us boys. We got into mom's make-up while she was gone.  She was SUPER happy when she got home to see us like this.
(From L to R Gabe, Jason, Scott, and me.)

Before the internet, before cable TV, before we got our first NINTENDO that we saved up for as a family, we played outdoors. And when my older brother Jason got bored, he would tell me lies. BIG lies. And I would believe every single one of them. As I learned later, I was a gullible child. I’m a gullible adult too. But that’s all going to change once that prince from Nigeria sends me all that money.

I haven’t blogged in a while, so I thought it might be fun to tell you one of the big lies my brother told me, and I thought they were truth until embarrassingly late in life.

As a family we took a vacation to a town I’m comfortable now in saying is the worst place ever to go on vacation. It was some aunt’s farm in Chetopa, Kansas. When we weren’t getting paid a penny per fly we killed on the front porch, (I’m still owed thousands of dollars from that deal. I never saw ONE of those pennies.) we were trying unsuccessfully to not annoy our parents. After a day or two, the folks got us off the farm to go see Big Brutus.

I naively asked Jason “Who is Big Brutus?” He went on to explain to me how Big Brutus was a giant man. So big that he had to have a giant earth mover built for him. And so, they built a giant bulldozer for him to work on, so he would have something to do.

This is what Big Brutus probably looked like

We got to the gate where my dad asked the lady in the booth something, and I asked Jason “what’s happening?”

Without any effort at all, he told me that apparently “…Big Brutus wasn’t there today, but, we can go look around the bulldozer anyway.”

I may have been seven when this happened. I actually passed this information along to people. Who looked at me like I was crazy. I didn’t find out Jason had lied to me until I was probably 14, when I realized I had never seen a giant before, and maybe they didn’t exist.

Jason has a beautiful wife and two smart sons, with big imaginations, that I’m sure he tells a tall tale or two to every now and again.

Because of all of the lies Jason has told me, this may end up being a series of Harry Potter proportions when it’s done.

Oh, and by the way, this is Big Brutus. Probably the number one tourist destination in south east Kansas during the mid 80’s. A lot like Studio 54 except not at all.

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by JR KLLL posted Oct 10 2012 4:43PM
United Supermarket has issued a Recall to several different products, although 8 of them dealing with peanuts and a possible Salmonella scare. If you have these products, chuck em! 
Here is the compete list here!

United Recalled Products

or more of J.R.'s Blog Click Here
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by JR KLLL posted Sep 19 2012 3:14PM
Want to meet Josh Abbott Band? Roger Creager? Cory Morrow and more??? Wear your KLLL shirt or print out this logo and bring it to
I'll be out at JAB Fest looking for YOU With a KLLL  Logo and will be handing out Meet and Greet passes!
If you want to Hob Knob with your favorite Texas Country Artists, Make sure you wear your KLLL Logo Loud and Proud!

Here are the logos!

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by JR KLLL posted Sep 11 2012 4:16PM
Where were you? Where was I? Of course I’m talking about 11 years ago today. I think it helps people to talk about where they were. Sorry, son of a psychologist here. So here is my story. Read if you like.
I was stationed at Fort Hood as apart of III Corps 13th COSCOM. We had a training day. I had been looking forward to it honestly. A pretty easy day where civilians came in and told you not to drink and drive or spend too much money.
PT started that morning at 0600 and it was an easy day. Just a few mile run at an easy pace to keep everyone in it. When we got back and were dismissed from P.T. I hit the chow hall for breakfast. I remember because I was watching the news. Nothing of consequence was on. I ate by myself and headed back to my barracks. So far a pretty good morning actually. I was showering up and getting ready for our training day which was happening across post. I had the radio blasting country music as I am want to do. The DJ was out of Temple, and he mentioned apparently a commuter plane had crashed into the World Trade Center.
Because I was good as far as time went, I turned on my TV. to see if there was any footage, the second plane hit moments later.
I went out into the hall to go ask my neighbor if he had just seen that. He opened his door at the same time, with the same shock on his face. Which didn’t help me at all, because he was the sergeant in charge in my barracks.
I asked what I should do, and he said he hadn’t heard anything different, so we should go to our training day as scheduled. I jumped into my truck and by now, the DJ had caught on that something big was happening. As I was pulling into the training center, it was reported that one of the towers had fallen. My Company First Sergeant parked right beside me and was slowly getting out of his car. I remember this moment the most from that day, because it scared the daylights out of me: I asked him if he had heard the tower had fallen. He said nothing. I said, “First Sergeant, what’s going on?”
He just answered, “I don’t know son.” That was it. The guy who told me what to do all the time, didn’t know what was going on. I knew I was in trouble.
After about 45 minutes of training, where we were obviously not listening because of the events of the morning. The civilian speaker had nothing that was going to snap us out of it. Luckily for his speech, he didn’t’ have anything to worry about. Our Company Commander walked into the room and stated that “All civilians need to either report to their on-post housing or leave the post immediately.” And that “All of you, report to the motor pool in 20 minutes in full battle-rattle.” (Full Battle-rattle meant all of the stuff we would wear, not including rifles.)
After reporting to the motor pool, I was put on guard duty at the edge of post. There was a real worry that Fort Hood being the largest military post in the free world, and until that day, very open to visitors, might be vulnerable to attack.
After a week I was put on guard detail overnight. Guarding the commercial checkpoint searching tractor trailers for bombs and weapons. My shift was from 7pm to 7am, 7 days a week. I didn’t get off of that guard shift until after Christmas.
That’s my story of where I was on 9/11.
And I was right. It does help telling that story.
Me Circa 2000
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by JR KLLL posted Sep 11 2012 3:43PM

A great program to get kids aged 14-21 is the Explorers program with the Lubbock Police Department. A great program, and the cost is only 20 Bucks a year! 
More information HERE
Note: I don't think they will be able to help you out with any outstanding tickets. Just an FYI
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by JR KLLL posted Sep 5 2012 5:04PM

Well here we go again. Although this time there seems to be more than one affected Red Raider.
Billy Gillispie has been accused by several former players of mistreatment. Including an EIGHT HOUR practice. The NCAA has rules that practices must be limited to 4 hours a day with a total practice time being 20 hours in a week.
The hire of Gillispie was questioned by many because of his previous parting with Kentucky.
CBS Sports has more here.
There isn’t a way that anyone comes out looking good after this. With the exception of the players who chose to leave instead of play for him. After Mike Leach was fired after putting Adam James in the same shed that media went all the time to await press conferences, you have to wonder, when will Billy be shown the door? And who do you get to get this program on track in a tough Big 12?
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