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Finally, a map to show why you don't go to Corpus every weekend.

by JR posted Apr 7 2014 4:21PM
Finally, you have something to show your out of state relatives, who ask if why you don't visit your distant cousin in Corpus Christi more often..."I mean, how far away is it really?" Well facts are fact, that annoying aunt may actually be closer to your cousin than you are. 

Texas is 790 miles long. The red on this map represents the area that is within 790 miles of Texas. That is to say, if you are within this red zone, you are closer to somewhere in Texas than other parts of Texas are…

Looking for a few more,

Beaumont is closer to Tampa than El Paso.

Brownsville is closer to Mexico City than DFW.

Texarkana is closer to Atlanta than El Paso.

Corpus is closer to Cuba than Denver.

Austin is closer to New Orleans than El Paso

Downtown Fort Worth to downtown Dallas is longer than the Gaza Strip is long, longer than the english channel.

Dallas to Houston is nearly the same distance as Paris to London.


(Via Reddit)

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Location : Texas
04/07/2014 4:21PM
Finally, a map to show why you don't go to Corpus every weekend.
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04/07/2014 11:22PM
Yeah, my husband's company in New Jersey never could understand why he couldn't just run to Houston from Levelland and back in a day. New Jersey would fit on one of our counties.
04/08/2014 8:20AM
So what your saying have a lot of worthless land?
04/08/2014 10:40AM
texas is big
El Paso is closer to the Pacific Ocean than Austin
04/08/2014 12:41PM
Actually Beaumont is closer to El Paso. I live in a town near by and from my town to Tampa is 910 miles. To El Paso it is 842 miles.
04/08/2014 4:20PM
Finally a map to
Yeah but none of those places are Texas!
04/08/2014 5:59PM
Name of city
Please don't call it 'Corpus'..... No one calls New Braunfels 'New' or San Antonio 'San'....just sayin
04/08/2014 7:06PM
now do this with Alaska...
04/08/2014 9:14PM
Overlay it
If you overlay Texas over the Eastern USA...put East Texas--Sabine River on Boston you know where El Paso is? Indianapolis!
04/08/2014 9:50PM
whoever wrote this has an 8th grade education
04/08/2014 9:56PM
Or maybe a Tech education. Either way they have no ability with grammar or sentence structure. Tech, the 13th grade.
04/09/2014 1:39AM
In Texarkana, Chicago is closer than El Paso
04/09/2014 2:30AM
Corpus Christi
But why would you even want to go to Corpus Christi?
04/09/2014 3:47AM
El Paso to Dallas
El Paso is closer to California than it is to Dallas
04/09/2014 6:28AM
Texas. A whole other country
Simply Amazing !
04/09/2014 6:55AM
You're wrong
04/09/2014 8:07AM
Bexar County
And don't forget that San Antonio is bigger than Rhode Island.
04/09/2014 8:08AM
So that's the reason.
I always thought it was the complete and utter lack of anything fun to do due to the abysmal lack of vision and foresight as well as horrendous decision making. Turns out it's the distance. Huh.
04/09/2014 8:33AM
one more...
Going from NYC to Savannah GA!!
04/09/2014 9:57AM
Duh. Atlanta to Texarkana is only 25 miles.
04/09/2014 10:10AM
not accurate
This map is not accurate.It covers almost the entire US, which would be closer to 1,500 miles in radius than 800. Texas is big enough. We don't need to lie about how big it is.
04/09/2014 10:54AM
El Paso to Houston = 832 miles El Paso to Los Angeles = 750 Miles
04/09/2014 11:07AM
Thank you
As a former Hoosier from Indiana and a current Texan, I really need this map to show to my former friends and classmates.
04/09/2014 1:06PM
Secede Already!
When will Texas get with the program and secede already?!
04/09/2014 1:08PM
Not exactly...
There's a fairly significant problem with this map...Texas is not a circle, and as such it is not 790 miles across from every edge starting point (even if you took the longest possible distance from each edge starting point.) I must admit, though, an accurate map of this sort would be quite pleasant to have.
04/09/2014 1:26PM
so true
well put. just because it's the same state doesn't mean it isn't going to cost me $200 in gas to drive there...!
04/09/2014 3:09PM
This is pretty wrong. Beaumont is an hr closer to el Paso and driving to corpus is closer from any point in Texas than it is to Minneapolis .
04/09/2014 4:44PM
Puerto Rico
You can take a direct flight to Puerto Rico in the amount of time it would take to drive from Houston to Enchanted Rock.
04/09/2014 5:17PM
More fun with distances
You can fit France, INSIDE of Texas. The distance from El Paso to Texarcana is farther than Chicago to New York City.
04/09/2014 5:44PM
As the crow flies
Really Baja California and the Yucatan don't belong on there, practically speaking, but yeah it's still pretty crazy. Driving out from Austin to California about 40% of the trip is spent just leaving Texas.
04/09/2014 5:50PM
we have everything
why leave Texas when we have everything you could want?
04/09/2014 5:58PM
And Amarillo is closer to five other state capitols than its own. Santa Fe, Denver, Topeka, Little Rock, and Oklahoma City are all closer to Amarillo than Austin.
04/09/2014 6:49PM
Kek Snapchat
So, you have your Snapchat on here... time to send di ck pics
04/09/2014 7:10PM
El Paso
Nothing is close to El Paso.
04/09/2014 7:40PM
Rio grande Valley to Dallas/Fort Worth
Driving from the Rio Grande Valley to DFW will take all day. We left at 7am & arrived at dinner time. A whole day was gone & we hadn't even gotten out of Texas yet.
04/09/2014 7:53PM
or you could just admit that corpus christi is a piece of $hit beach? sorry, didn't know you were a bunch of prudes.
04/09/2014 9:26PM
ATTN EU Football Fans
This is why your traveling support is so much better! You think going to Paris from London is a big deal? closest rivals are that far :D.
04/09/2014 10:20PM
But who cares?
"If I owned Texas and Hell, I would rent Texas and live in Hell" General Philip Sheridan
04/09/2014 10:45PM
uh no
Except you're wrong on most of these.
04/09/2014 11:06PM
Road mileage sign
There use to be a road mileage sign in Texarkana (upper right corner) that said it was closer to Chicago (792 miles) than to El Paso (802 miles). But according to your map, it could have said Milwaukee. We lived in Texas for 9 years and never drove further West than the LBJ ranch from where we lived along I-35 which roughly separates the populated part of Texas East of that interstate from the unpopulated part to the West. I estimate that the unpopulated part accounts for about 60-65% of the total land area.
04/09/2014 11:23PM
one more
Houston is closer to Tallahassee than El Paso
04/09/2014 11:46PM
My Grandpa used to say "the sun did rise and the sun did rest, and I ain't been out of. Texas yet!
04/10/2014 12:21AM
Why was this written in the first place?
This is an article about a problem nobody has.
04/10/2014 8:00AM
another one
Taking the southerner route from Dallas to L.A., by the time you get to El Paso, you are halfway there.
04/10/2014 9:30AM
True, but...
That must be "straight line" miles because driving miles from the northwest corner of the Panhandle to the beach east of Harlingen is closer to 900 miles than the 790 miles stated here.
04/10/2014 9:44AM
El Paso is closer to Californian than it is to Houston.
04/10/2014 10:22AM
Not accurate
They are taking the single longest dimension of Texas and acting like all points on the border of Texas are 790 miles away from somewhere else in Texas. It is only the east-west dimension that is 790 miles long. For instance, the border north of Wichita Falls is less than 600 miles away from closer the furthest spot in Texas (near Brownsville).
04/10/2014 11:04AM
Texas "Geography"
Many states could pull of this impressive results. Even Oklahoma, which is some 630 miles long given this sort of logic, would look massive. Even Kansas wouldn't look bad. California would probably trump Texas handily, and of course Florida would be right in there. But these states don't go in for these sorts of geographical ego display. No. only Texas regularly feels the need to strut and crow. This map says a lot, but about something quite different than the its creator intended. Nice work.
04/10/2014 11:37AM
I love maps like this, would like to see the UK inserted into a map to see what it looks like
04/10/2014 12:21PM
Awesome! Let's go!
and I BET,Belize!! is closer to Houston....than San Antonio is to Orlando! Was only about a 2 hr flight from Houston to BELIZE !! Over3 hours flight from here to Orlando!
04/10/2014 2:38PM
so true
lived in texas all my true
04/10/2014 2:45PM
Conservative Values
I'm not certain where they get the figure '791 miles': El Paso, TX to Orange, TX is 854 miles. And Brownsville, TX to Texline, TX is 899 miles.
04/10/2014 6:05PM
Corpus to Denver?
Where in Texas is Denver?
04/10/2014 6:38PM
El Paso is closer to the Atlantic Ocean than it is to the Gulf of Mexico.
04/10/2014 7:05PM
"It is approximately 950 miles from Texline, Tx to Brownsville, Tx."
04/10/2014 8:45PM
yes Sir
Drive to Southern California ince in a while from San Antonio..When I hit El Paso..I know i am on the down hill side of the trip
04/10/2014 11:37PM
It's a long way to El Paso
Texarkana is closer to Chicago than El Paso.
04/10/2014 11:41PM
Go Texas
Been telling ppl these facts for years! Nice to see it recognized
04/11/2014 10:48AM
Meh, I lived in San Antonio for nearly 40 years and I call Corpus Christi "Corpus" all the time. Unless there are other cities that start with the name "Corpus," there's very little possibility of ambiguity. That's notso San Antonio and New Braunfels.
04/11/2014 11:11AM
Corpus is right. I grew up in Texas and still live here. Half of the time people just call it Corpus.
04/11/2014 1:46PM
Nothing wrong with "Body"
The name Corpus Christi means "body of Christ" so it is a bit different than calling New Braunfels, "New". By saying "Corpus" you're saying "body". So lets all go to Body this weekend. I'll put off going to Christ for a few more years.
04/11/2014 2:54PM
Yeah, who needs dumb old Texas?
04/11/2014 9:45PM
Bigger in Texas
DFW airport is bigger then Manhatten New York.
04/12/2014 1:14AM
Houston to El Paso
Houston to El Paso is is not no 832 miles it's like 720 miles give or take a few
04/12/2014 5:17AM
patric, just About 15 million more people than the ones who need where you live
04/12/2014 5:26AM
I would say that 90% of the people call Corpus Christi, just plain Corpus. The reason is because we are that familiar with the area, it has nothing to do with a translation meaning body and no one in Texas is if a mental shortcoming to say "lets goto body", that would be like saying "let's go to the Pass" instead of saying "lets go to El Paso".
04/12/2014 5:41AM
My I ask why are some of you non Texans so disgruntled with our State of Texas, we do not belittle you and what we say about Texas is close enough to a complete truth that the variance should not bother anyone. A posting above said that we have everything in Texas and that is pretty close to a 100% truth. We have an interesting piece of our country , the USA and we love it but so do 20 million people who visit Texas every year. Now do start bombing me on that 20 million visitor bit,.... I did not do the counting, it was some group up in or near the capital, but anyway the number is pretty big and we welcome people to visit us or to follow the thousands who move to Texas every year . We do not have a lot of WASTE SPACE like some one said on a posting above,... he is probably upset about the place where he lives and just wants to vent, but we do have plenty of space. Every square foot of Texas is owned by somebody but there is still plenty of space for sale , welcome to Texas , if you do not like it you can always go back.
04/12/2014 6:45PM
30 Years of Corpus Christi TX.
I was borned in Corpus Christi Texas 1958,Left there In 1988 And have never looked Back or been happier being Away from Corpus Chriri.
04/12/2014 7:15PM
Did You know?
just an fyi and you can ck it out...The ENTIRE Population of the world will fit in TEXAS and still have room left over...TRUE!
04/12/2014 8:12PM
not driving distance!
This is a straight line distance map, not road mileage.
04/13/2014 3:34PM
This map is not inaccuarate, "That is to say, if you are within this red zone, you are closer to somewhere in Texas than other parts of Texas are…" I would explain this further, but it's pretty self explanitory, perhaps those who complained should read more carefully. I can only assume the people who are complaining are pretentious yankee's who troll anything Texas to talk smack(trying not to curse but you know what I meant there, also add a few explitives after yankee's).
04/15/2014 10:53AM
It's a long drive!
Crescent City, CA to San Diego, CA is about the same distance as El Paso, TX to Texarkana, TX or Brownsville, TX to Perryton, TX. The length of CA is close to the same as the length and width of TX.
04/24/2014 8:51AM
TX is BIG!!
Every Texan is taught that Texas is the biggest and the best!!
04/25/2014 5:27PM
But Alaska cut in half is still bigger (and better) than Texas
05/20/2014 10:53AM
The city of Houston...
... I believe Houston metropolitan area is larger than RI, MA, & CT combined.
05/20/2014 10:56AM
The city of Houston is both 832 miles (from the east side), and 720 miles(from the west side) from El Paso
06/14/2014 9:40AM
Name of city person...
Don't call it Corpus? You must not be born and raised here because otherwise you would know those of us that are call it Corpus. We don't bother saying Corpus Christi because we assume by saying Corpus most people know what we are talking about.
08/25/2014 5:38PM
keep texas beautiful....put a yankee on the bus
08/25/2014 5:41PM
oh by the way ...denver is on the county line of gaines county and yoakum county ....we got it
10/31/2014 10:04AM
Texas is huge
El Paso is farther west than Denver. Perryton is farther north than Tulsa, Las Vegas and Nashville.
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