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Going back in time

by JR posted Jan 9 2014 2:53PM

Quick Marty, get in!

Age is just a number. No, don’t worry, this isn’t going to be an entry that you need to save as evidence for a future trial where I am the guest of honor. I’m talking about it being 2014! 2014! I don’t know if I can say 2014! Without an exclamation mark to give it the emphasis I feel it deserves. I mark my life in music. So what was happening when I was 14, a ridiculous TWENTY YEARS AGO.

I thnk I was about 14 in this picture.
Oh yeah, the ladies LOVED me. ::eyeroll::

In 1994, Kurt Cobain died. Later that day I miraculously got a girlfriend. I’m hoping the two are unrelated. Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Preseley made the whole planet cringe and got married. I was in eighth grade and becoming a high school freshman in 1994. Jason Aldean remembers Joe Diffie, I just recall trying to fit in. Not the easiest task for a guy who now makes his living being a dork. I also remember Grunge music finally starting to die out. And my ability to own a shirt that wasn’t flannel was just beginning. In a time where 14.4 kbps modems were the fastest things that could get you on the internet. Of course, I also embarrassingly sang along to Faith Hill’s ‘Wild One’ and I can still sing every word of Tim McGraw’s ‘Don’t Take the Girl’. BTW, 1994, the very important year because that was the year I stole my first Kiss. Sappy I know.

This may have just been an excuse to post this picture.
Let’s move on.
If twenty years ago doesn’t have the impact on you that I think it should, that’s ok. Let’s fast forward to 2004. TEN YEARS AGO.  This year is significant for me, because I first got into radio in 2004. The year of Gary Allan, and Trace Adkins. Some girls to this day refer to themselves as ‘Whiskey Girls’ from Toby Keith’s song.  I was working at a bar in Chico, California called the Crazy Horse Saloon as I spent all of my other spare time annoying my boss at the radio station begging for more stuff to do.
Music marks time for me. I remember listening to the radio and certain songs still take me to weird places. Don’t ask about Christina Aguilara’s ‘Geinie in a Bottle’ that’s where it starts getting a little weird.

"You're licking your lips blowing kisses my way..." It gets worse from there.

 I talk about that several times with different guests on the borderline podcast at take a listen on there to several great guests, and me asking them stupid questions. So mark time with us, welcome to 2014. Just think, in ten years, you might just be saying, “OMG, 2014 was TEN YEARS AGO!” I recommend turning it on 96.3 and rolling around town with the windows down. That’s how I got caught singing along to ‘Genie in the Bottle’. No teenage boy should ever be caught singing the words, “you gotta rub me the right way.”
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01/09/2014 2:53PM
Going back in time
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