A Little Deviation

A little deviation from my standard country song selection, but super relevant to what I want to tell y’all about.

This last weekend I went and watched two friends become husband and wife in Helotes, Texas.

This weekend was an odd one for me for sure. I have been just overwhelmed with wedding details, I kid you not. During the weekend I had told myself that I was going to just relax and enjoy my time away, I mean really what else was I going to do? But somewhere during the drive down I found myself looking at my phone typing memos and reminders to myself about batteries and 3M sticky tape for decor… Yes, I am that planner type of person.

If you follow me on any other social media feed you know that I have been making fun of the whole fiasco, just because if you’ve been here you understand. If you haven’t you will understand soon enough.

But this weekend I wanted to just enjoy. I wanted to enjoy the trip, our friends, and this ever shortening window of time that I have with my fiance. I took very few pictures, and made sure to just enjoy the moment.

This is actually one of the few I took.

I took a couple of pictures of some axis deer that were sitting at the gate when we checked in to our bed and breakfast, but other than that it was a lot of time spent living.

This is Johnathan and Marissa…

Take me back to this such surreal moment.. #IDo #Blessed #April15th #2017 #Bride #MyBestfriend

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It was their wedding we went to, and going to this wedding did several things for me. First it made me very excited for my own wedding, which is quickly approaching. Secondly, it gave me a hard reminder that this was one more milestone that my dad was missing out on, because he was taken from me to soon. Lastly, it made me very reminiscent of the road that my fiance and I have come down.

The guy getting married in the picture, he and his now wife were some of the first friends of my fiance’s that I met, at another friends wedding.

When I was taken to that wedding I knew that things had to be moving in a serious direction. Guys don’t just find dates for a wedding. In fact the wedding I attended where I met Marissa and Johnathan, that groom, John, was a groomsmen at this wedding.

A lot has happened. Friends have come and gone. We’ve lost a family member or two. We’ve hunted a few things and caught a few fish, but all in all it has been an amazing year in motion.

Knowing Marissa and Johnathan and getting to see this union take place made me so excited, for them and it made me excited for my upcoming wedding.

I mean I’ve always been excited, but I as you all know there is a point where you think, “is it over yet?”… Nope, I still have 19 days and I’m planning on enjoying all of them.

Because when it comes right down to it, I get to marry the man who held my hand during his friends wedding ceremony, despite the humidity and the fact that we had sweaty hands after… and I get to marry a man who will put up with me and my shenanigans.

And honestly isn’t that all that really matters?

And if you’re looking for an awesome place to stay in the San Antonio area, let me recommend the Glory Hills Ranch… We were shocked at how amazing the service was. You won’t find service like this in a hotel, and the scenery is so much prettier. You can check it out here.



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