Actors That Can Sing and Some That Can’t

As you will see in this article, some of these actors are very good at both acting and singing/playing an instrument.  Others, not so much.  Billy Bob Thornton and Kevin Costner are pretty much terrible.  Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Pine are below average but better than the last two, and Kevin Bacon has a decent voice but the songs do not amount to much.  I will say there is something about Gwyneth Paltrow that lures me in.  Yes, she’s beautiful, but it’s not the only thing.  Maybe it’s the simplicity of her voice and the fact that she is slightly off key that KIND OF works for me.  Emphasis on “kind of”.

Now, let’s get into the one that I think are good.  When I look at Jeff Daniels I see a guy that is an awesome guitar player.  Seriously, google more videos of Jeff Daniels.  He’s not much of a singer but his folk songs are pretty darn good.  Steve Martin doesn’t sing much.  Actually, I don’t think he sings at all.  If you are a bluegrass fan, then look into Steve Martin.  He is an excellent banjo play and has been playing for many years.  If you know me, then you know that I like Jeff Bridges.  The first time Bridges got my attention was with the movie Starman.  Then fast forward a couple of decades to The Big Lebowski.  That did it for me.  Then, suddenly, he had a couple of albums and they are awesome!  He does play the guitar.  He’s not on Jeff Daniels level of guitar pickin’ but Jeff Bridges has a very unique voice and all of his songs have this rugged, Southwest feel to them.  Great music.

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