The Bass Pro Shop Hop

This is becoming a thing to do.  Most of the videos that I have seen are lone ranger style.  But, this one?  Five dudes in a row.  Kids will do just about anything to get hits on social media.  There seems to be no limit.

Granted, there are far worse things these kids could be doing in order to get hits on YouTube.  Now, I know nothing about this kind of stuff but, I would think jumping into a tank with exotic fish would disturb their ecosystem.  Or maybe it doesn’t, did’t really look into it.  I find this prank fairly comical, I guess.  Emphasis on “fairly”.  Maybe if one of them had a canoe and paddled through the water it would be more interesting to me.  Perhaps like the kid in the video below.  Just wading around like it’s the the Holiday Inn!  That cracks me up.

I would have to do some serious planning before I did something like this.  Meaning, what kind of fish are in this tank?!  Are there fish that sting, bite, poke or shoot ink?  There probably would be.  Just another reason why I would not do this.  That and the fact that I am not desperate for attention.


This kid acts like he actually thought this aquarium was for public swimming…


…and so does this one.

Lesson to be learned here.  I can’t stop you from jumping into the aquarium at Bass Pro Shop or a pond of piranha’s for that matter.  But, if you decide to do so,  be clean.  Fresh out of the shower.  That way when you die you won’t disturb their ecosystem too much!  Just kidding.  😀




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