Bourbon Flavored Coffee

I like coffee.  It plays a huge role in my morning ritual.  I Watch the news and drink coffee in my robe.  Just like an old man.  It’s great!

Good coffee is not cheap.  That’s why I drink Folgers.  Although, every once in a while I will buy an over priced bag of coffee that was probably roasted by some hipster with a mustache and a fixie bike.  A “fixie bike” is a fixed gear bicycle.  In other words, it has no free wheel.  The pedals on a fixed gear bike never stop going forward.  You literally have to back pedal to stop.  It’s ridiculous.    They have been around for a very long time and the hipsters thought it necessary to bring them back.

I’m getting off topic.  From looking at Cooper’s Coffee Company’s website, they have good coffee.  Although, I will admit, I am big on marketing.  The way someone advertises their product is key.  The package is huge to me.  If it has a slick package, I get sucked right in.  Cooper’s Coffee Company has done an excellent job of this.  Black and Gray?  Right up my alley.  Just from looking at the package, I want it.  The fact that it taste like whiskey is what got my attention.  The package is what sold me.

I say “sold me” but I didn’t actually buy the coffee.  I am having thoughts.

The whiskey flavored coffee comes in four different flavors of whiskey.  It’s runs about $30 per  12oz bag.  Don’t forget the shipping charge.




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