Celebrity Hall Pass

First of all, I would like to say, I do not condone adultry.  This is a “hall pass” situation.  In other words, your significant other gives you the opportunity to have a week off of marriage.  Do whatever you want, see whomever you want, you are NOT married.

I have never met or heard of anyone actually doing this.  Of course there is the movie with Owen Wilson and those other guys.  So let’s say you are starring in that movie.  The only difference is you are presented with the opportunity to have one evening with the celebrity of your choice.  Both of you are single and ready to mingle.  Get where I’m going with this?

I want to know who you would choose.  Any celebrity you want.  Kind of a weird thing to think of, I know.  Although, you must admit, I have you thinking about it right now.

Call me up @ 770-5555 and let me know or make a comment below!

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