Dierks Bentley: New Album Release

Dierks Bentley will release his ninth studio album, The Mountain, in the next few months.  He says the album name The Mountain, is a metaphor for the struggles we all go through in life.

He has been teasing this announcement for quite sometime now with video clips of him walking through wooded areas, standing on mountains, and so on.  Being all outdoorsy and things.  That seems to be the trend.

So, he did what any artist would do for inspiration.  Go to the mountains.  Dierks Bentley and a team of writers buried themselves in nothing but the environment and let the words come to them.  They spent three months in Telluride, Colorado writing this album.

He answered questions submitted on Social Media live today (Wednesday).  Sounds like he has wanted this what I am calling  a “Mountain Town” album for quite sometime.  Very much like Midland.  I’m not comparing him to Midland at all.  It just seems to be the vibe he is going for and I look forward to it!  Oh, and he looks like he has been spending time in the mountains and Eddie Bauer in this video.  Dude seems pretty cool.  Still no release date on this album!

Dierks Bentley discusses his new album on Twitter.

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