Foodies Weep or Do They?


I am a foodie with the rest of them, but here lately it seems like there have been a string of restaurants here in Lubbock closing up shop. The latest being Cowboy Chicken.

The Rib Crib closed down earlier.

And just last week Ruby Tequila’s closed up shop with angry ex-employees looking for their pay.

Needless to say I’ve been seeing both sides of the spectrum. People weeping that their favorite establishments are gone others could really care less and say good riddance to bad food.

I have seen many people ask why this is happening. There are a few reasons behind it… well, in my opinion, there are a few reasons behind it.

First let’s look at how many new restaurants have opened in Lubbock last year. Within the last year Lubbock has seen 20-25 new restaurants hit our city. Some of them are chains… Okay most of them are chains from larger cities and very few mom and pop restaurants. That is a lot of restaurants for a city the size of Lubbock.

Secondly, the size of Lubbock doesn’t support this growth. According to the last census numbers Lubbock had a populace of over 250,000. Granted when Tech is in session there is an influx of around 30,000 students, and when we have home football games that is a bigger influx. Which is great for business. One problem… That is seasonal, so what draws people to Lubbock when school isn’t in session, or there isn’t a game going on? Not a whole lot.

So with these restaurants closing you might be wondering where some great places to eat are at… Well, outside the slew of chain restaurants that are opening.

I look for mom and pop businesses. I love the Crafthouse Gastropub because of their seasonal menu. Italian Garden is also excellent. Ana’s and Montelongo’s are a couple of choice places for mexican food. If I’m craving BBQ its Evie Mae’s in Wolfforth. There are lots of great local cuisine all you have to do is ask around.

Here’s this foodies opinion on the food scene in Lubbock. We are currently over saturated with the same ole, same ole. In fact a burger can just become a burger no matter where you go or how its cooked. I am making sure to patron businesses that I want to see stay in Lubbock. I’m loving the healthier options that are slowly becoming available like Muscle Maker Grill, Healthy Meals to Go and Tropical Smoothie Cafe… Which has added to the Subways that we have around town for healthier fare.

Sadly I’m still looking for great Chinese that isn’t hibachi, I’m crossing my fingers for PF Changs.

While I understand some people might be upset by the whole ordeal of these restaurants closing, just keep in mind there is probably a reason behind it. I’ve been looking at reviews and given most peoples reactions to some of these closings, poor food quality and poor service are to blame.

So next time your thinking of eating out look to local fare and help keep some of our local gems open.



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