Garth Brooks is attracting more than country lovers

LUBBOCK, Texas – The man of the hour is finally in town. The successful Garth Brooks World Tour with Trisha Yearwood kicks off today at 7:00 p.m., at the United Supermarkets Arena and Lubbock is absolutely buzzing with anticipation.


Last time the country superstar was in the area, twenty years ago in Amarillo, a little over 22,000 tickets were sold. And of course, Lubbock was ready to show him gratitude and welcome him this time around by selling out four shows in an hour. The unprecedented sale of tickets prompted a fifth show to be added, which also sold out. This will be the first time any recording artist has performed more than once at the United Supermarkets Arena.


Garth Brooks will provide more than a great concert experience. People coming from hours and miles away will get to consume the culture and sights, home of the wreck ’em Red Raiders has to offer. Hotels around the United Supermarkets Arena have already been booked for the weekend and local businesses can look forward to the incoming concert goers. Whether it is restaurants, bars or shopping, locals and visitors will undoubtedly be spending their money all across town. While Garth Brooks’ appearance is amazing exposure for Lubbock, it is also a great incentive and boost for the economy.


With such an impressive performer like Garth Brooks making a stop in the Hub City, it sets the standard for other recording artists and entertainment acts alike. He has proved that Lubbock is a profitable city and more than capable of selling tickets for quality entertainment. This gives the residents of Lubbock and neighboring cities hope that a lot more artists will follow suit and make their mark.


Financially and culturally, the community is flourishing and the future is looking even more promising.





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