George Clooney’s Accident Video Proves He Is Still Batman

In typical Bat Mobile drivin’, cigar smokin’, brandy drinkin’, bad ass George Clooney fashion, he nails it.  Hardly a scratch on the guy.  Well, maybe his body flailing 10 feet in the air isn’t so graceful but the landing is pretty smooth.  The scooter kinda takes away from the awesome-ness too. But he’s only on that little thing because Batman would never ride a scooter.  Clooney’s gotta keep things on the low.  Cuz snitches get stitches.  And his fow fow gonna let allll these fools know.<—That’s what Clooney would say.  Anyway, the smooth landing is definitely from all of the training in the Bat Cave.  A few bumps and bruises and “pelvic pain” to make people THINK he is an ordinary human.  He is not.  He is still indeed Batman.  And I am in my thirties writing about this. 🙂

Disclaimer: George Clooney was only mildly harmed in the making of this video.

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