Get Out Of Here Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Move over Ugly Christmas Sweaters! The new even uglier Christmas rompers for men are being released for the holidays. Sadly, I don’t kid… What is worse is I think the ugly Christmas rompers for women are kind of cute.

Now this isn’t the latest weird craze. In fact the Romphim made its debut this summer.

In fact Kid Kraddicks very own Part Time Justin professed his love of the Romphim on air one morning.

So this isn’t a new trend, but this is just an add on to a current trend. If your looking at purchasing an Ugly Christmas Romper it looks like they will set you back about $100. So these aren’t cheap. However, I will gladly drop a hundo just to see the look on Kris’s face this Christmas! Ha! I will record it for everyone’s viewing pleasure.


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