Hogwarts Express To The Rescue

“Harry Potter must not go to Scotland”.

The Hogwarts Express has come to the rescue of a stranded family in Scotland.

The train that took Harry Potter to school was played onscreen by the Jacobite steam train , which runs on a remote and scenic route through the Scottish Highlands.

On Friday, it made an unscheduled stop to pick up a family of six that was stranded when a storm washed away their canoe.

The family of 6 were staying in a lakeside hut on Loch Eilt when they awoke to find their canoe was va – muse ….gone.

Faced with walking several miles over rugged ground to get back to the family car, the father called police to see if any form of rescue was available.

The police then arranged for a train that would be  passing to stop for them. AND it’s the Hogwarts Express steam train. The police officer said your kids are going to love it,'”

The father said he is hopeful someone will find his canoe and give the story a perfect happy ending.



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