I Get It Now

I get it now. I now fully understand why brides to be go crazy or have those crazy bridezilla moments while planning a wedding.

I get it now. It happens.

I however not been so crazy that I have asked my bridal party to chip in and help me buy a dress that was way out of my price range. I have been trying to be very frugal and I am trying to keep it that way for sure.

Initially my fiance and I wanted to elope, we just had one problem, we couldn’t agree on where to run off too… Then I got to looking at options and realized that cost wise it was going to be almost as much as we would be spending on a wedding here. The $6,000+ we would have spent getting married on a glacier in Alaska, could do a lot of damage for a small wedding.

Then I didn’t want my mom to miss out, and I didn’t want his mom to miss out. He is an only child, this will be his parents only wedding. So we decided that a small… were talking 20-30 guests… wedding is the way to go.

If your wondering what I am freaking out about, let me regale you with some tales of this crazy bride.

And please feel free to laugh at your leisure, I’m really laughing about it as well.

First there was the ex. I know what your thinking, but my thought process is beyond hysterical. So my ex, whom I am still Facebook social with… okay he’s only still on there to boost my friend count… got engaged. When I saw this I thought good for him. Then it kinda smacked me that Jana Kramer knows what she’s talking about….

But you know what, that’s okay it was never meant to work between me and my ex for many reasons. I am so happy where I am and I am so happy that I have found my fiance that it doesn’t matter. The man that I need is the man that I am with and that is all that matters. So, after a 20 minute bout of “what the Friday?” logic I decided that you know what, good for him, I’ve got it way better, but good for him.

Then came the announcement of their wedding date… This one took me a hot minute to get over…

Same dang day… Same day. He wants to get married on the same day I do. Are you kidding me??? Its my day! There is nothing else that is suppose to be going on, the only thing that is happening in the world is my wedding and me having my moment. No one else gets to have a moment like mine on my day. Babies will not be born, people will not pass away, and NO ONE ELSE WILL BE ABLE TO GET MARRIED!

Okay that might be over the top, but you get what I’m saying, how crazy!?! I haven’t shared things with this ex in over a decade, and I sure didn’t want to start sharing again, let alone sharing my wedding day.

This is where a solid MOH (Maid/ Matron of honor) comes in super handy. She reminded me that there are no residual friendships from our time together. There won’t be people who will be torn on whose wedding to go too. And it’s not like I’m going to have to share any light with him to anyone who matters. All valid points.

Then I remembered what my mother keeps telling me. No matter what happens at the end of the day I will be married to a man I love. That is what is really important. I get to spend the rest of my life adventuring, laughing, smiling and loving a man that has so deeply blessed me.

So brides to be, if you are reading this and you are riding on the struggle bus over something, remember that at the end of the day no matter what; you will be married to a man that you love… and that is what really matters.




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