If You Could, Would You Work From Home?

Happy baby in office chair in headphones. Toddler girl listening to music.

Have you ever thought about working from home? Here’s some info that might entice you to think about it even more. Moneyish says that working from home can save money. Common sense if you think about it. Here are some of the ways you can save money by working at home, compiled by Moneyish;

Gas — According to research, the average worker who works from home full-time will save $444 a year on gas.

Lunch and coffee — A study found that many American workers spend $3,000 per year on coffee and eating lunch out, and younger workers spend even more.

Business clothes and dry cleaning — Hurray for working in your pajamas all day!

Makeup — A study found that women wear $8 of product on their faces each day. Working from home means a lot less makeup.

At first glance, the idea of working at home sounds wonderful! Pajamas. NO MAKE UP! A microwave that’s NOT DOWNSTAIRS. For me personally though, it’s probably not a good idea after a second look. I would STILL have to set my alarm at 4, even if I did the show from home. Furthermore, I think it would take a special type of focus and discipline to be productive while working from home. I don’t think I’m undisciplined, but I might have trouble maintaining focus at home. And finally, I think it might get lonely after awhile. I honestly would miss the people I work with (MOST of the people I work with). Unless I hit the lottery and didn’t have to work. My level of loneliness toward the people at work might wane after a month…..or week….or day…or so. What do you think?



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