Insane Skywalking

Warning, these videos may upset your stomach.  Whatever you do, please don’t try to sky walk your house after watching these videos!  These people are dumb…don’t be dumb! 😀

Okay to be fair, I’m sure some of these people are professionals.  But most are just dumb.

This is nuts!  I definitely consider myself a thrill seeker, but this is too much.  Couldn’t do it.  These folks are not harnessed to anything!

Bungee jumping, done.  Free falling from multiple stories, also done.  Sky diving is one bridge I haven’t crossed.  Not sure I ever will.  This sky walking?  Absolutely not.

This whole “trust me I won’t let you fall from the top of a 80 story building!” thing has gone a little far.  It’s important to trust a friend or significant other, but this is not the way to go about finding that trust!

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