Jeff Bridges Turns 68 Today

Jeff Bridges turns 68 today (12/04/17).  He is the son of legendary actor Lloyd Bridges and brother of actor Beau Bridges.  He has appeared in some great movies. The Big Lebowski, Starman, the list goes on and on and on.  My movie of his is Crazy Heart.  Most people don’t know this, but Jeff Bridges is more than an actor.  He’s also a musician with a very distinct voice.  I took a solo ski trip to New Mexico to clear my head about 6 years ago, and Jeff Bridges was my sound track the entire time.  Listen to his music.  It’s good!

I have always liked Jeff Bridges.  His acting skills are beyond excellent and his hair is bad ass.  I don’t even have that much hair now!  I am just going to put a bunch of Jeff Bridges songs on this blog.  I think you will like what you hear.



Jeff Bridges is too dang cool.  I want to be this guy.  Celebrating 68 years of the man, Jeff Bridges!

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