Kid Rock is Running for Michigan Senate

You read the title correctly Kid Rock is running for Senate in Michigan. In fact, he even has a website up and running.

If you think that I am kidding just check out I know the site looks kind of under developed and not completely thought out, but it is very much for real and Kid Rock has confirmed this.

I know you are wondering what a musician has to do with politics, but if you look Kid Rock has been around politics for a little while. He has stood behind and supported people he believed in, but more importantly he has invested money into his home.

I started kind of really digging into Kid Rock after seeing him on an episode of Triple D… Or the Food Network Show called Diners, Drive-In’s and Dives.

The Clarkston Union Bar and Kitchen is a church that was converted into and eatery. If you watch the full episode you see that Rock talks about how he felt it was important to invest the money in Detroit.

Which if you are keeping tabs it was very important.

Rock decided to make the investment when the Steel Belt was quickly declining and before Obama jumped in, with the full blessing of the government to save the auto industry. That was huge!

When your main way of providing income in an area is about to dry up things happen. Cities crumble. Jobs vanish, and places are left with the homeless, the destitute and lots of crime.

Detroit is the hub that most people flee too. Rock decided to make an investment and create some jobs.

I don’t care who you are, when you stop looking for other people to fix a problem, and you start creating your own solutions; I will applaud that every time.

I know everyone has an opinion about the state that politics are in right now, however uneducated the opinion might be, but I will say that actions speak louder than words. I am okay with any person who is willing to make investments in people. Which is what Kid Rock did.

I guarantee you people probably told Kid rock he was crazy putting in a restaurant in, in Michigan when he did, but you know what?… That is the type of action that I like to see, investment in people.



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