Let’s Talk Traffic!

Let’s talk traffic shall we!

I know what your thinking, there are places with worse traffic problems, and while I could write for days on some of the awful offenses that I see on a daily basis driving in Lubbock I want to really touch on the root of the problem.

I know your thinking there is a root?… Why yes there is, it is a common thread that I see among almost all traffic offenders in Lubbock and I now feel the need to talk about it, since it almost smashed into me 4 times. You read that right 4 TIMES… All in under a minute.

So ladies and gentlemen imagine in my best Mrs. Doubtfire impression, journey down this road with me.

I have had to remind myself often that I have gotten more road time that the average Joe driver. I actually am up there in accordance with most country kids. We learn to drive young, because we are another hand to help.

When I was 10 my dad decided that I was old enough to learn and so that summer I would go out and I would drive while we checked on water and made sure that the well motors were running. A year later I was learning about pulling a trailer and backing up with a trailer hitched on the back of a truck. By the time I was 13 I was driving out to go hand out dinner and feed everyone during harvest, I was also sent on errands around the farm and once we got a certain distance outside of town, I got to drive all the way home. I even remember this one rare occasion that my dad let me drive from town to the farm. I had to get on a highway and everything. It was the thrill of my life!

So there have been many times that I have to remind myself that not everyone gets the years of practice that I have gotten before I even got my drivers license. I had it grilled into me at an early age that when you are behind the wheel you pay attention. The fact that I pay attention has saved me from 5 different accidents. All of them were because the other person wasn’t paying attention.

So the act that caused this happened today while I was at Sonic happy hour. I know we all love Sonic happy hour, but one thing I hate is trying to get out of there. Backing up in any parking lot in this city is a scary thing. You have to be blocking the entire road way for someone to stop, and even then they may not stop.

So I managed to back up and start heading out, with my life and my car intact, then I see a car just whipping out of their spot. I stop, because obviously they aren’t. They finally look back and see me and stop, but not before the two other cars next to them do the same thing. I had to back up to allow space for all these people to back up. They back up and finally start to kind of move, but the initial person I let out hadn’t left yet, they start doing the super slow pull away, which irritates me on a whole different level, in just enough time for the truck that I had been forcibly stopped behind to start to back up. I of course laid on the horn, because well… if I hadn’t I would have had an untimely meet and greet with their back bumper. It was obvious no one looked behind them. Not one person. The first 3 I know were looking at their “backup cameras” I have no clue what the over compensator in the truck was looking at, but it wasn’t behind them.

I took my little back way out and met up with all these people at a stop light and one thing they all had in common was they were looking at their phones.

Oh but it was at a stop light… I don’t care! If you are operating a vehicle, stop with the phone!!!

I have passed an infinite amount of drivers who are messing with their phone and not paying attention to traffic. I am begging you put the phones down while your driving for 20 minutes. It will take you at most 20 minutes to reach any destination in Lubbock.

Tomorrow, I take on that stick that protrudes from the left side of the steering wheel and how it will keep other drivers from flipping you the bird.

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