Monkey Troupe Goes Viral After Taking Over Florida Park

When Mudflap’s Relatives Go WILD!

Visitors in and around Silver Springs State Park in Ocala, Florida, are witnessing more monkey business than usual. According to the Associated Press, bands of rhesus macaques roam the river and have had an increased number of encounters with kayakers and tourists. Officials have closed two walking areas in the park, and an observation deck and boardwalk are off-limits because monkeys have essentially taken over. Additionally, videos of monkeys charging a family of tourists and swarming a local man’s deer feeder have recently gone viral. The non-native macaques were introduced to the area in the ’30s, and with no natural predators except the occasional alligator, the monkeys have prospered and multiplied. Monkey troupe vexes Florida park, goes viral on social media:,-goes-viral-on-social-media


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