New Adventures

New Adventures

I have had many new adventures within the last month and a half. I got married.

Then we went to Alaska for our honeymoon.

That was a very cold adventure. I couldn’t believe the wind that we had to deal with coming off the water, but we dealt and we are here.

Alaska was an outdoors man’s paradise. We fished, hiked, and really wished that we had been in a port on our cruise long enough to go hunt. We got to see all sorts of cool things. I got to pull a door off the bottom of the ocean. The door is also known as halibut, it was a 75 inch fish, but I couldn’t keep it, has to be 24 inches and under or 80 inches and over. After the fight I put up I was mad I had to toss it back, but I totally understand the reasoning behind it. They go back because it helps maintain populations levels. We got to see a family of Orca (killer whales) and I saw a big blue whale when we were coming into the fjords.

Needless to say my husband and I have started our life of adventure off on the right foot. Yesterday I added a whole new level of difficulty to the equation.

I got a bow from the Archery Shack.

Oddly enough we watched a very humorous episode of Bob’s Burgers before we went into the Archery Shack. You can catch the episode here.

Basically the story line boils down to Bob finds out that his favorite outdoor store is going out of business and his dreams of being an outdoor man are going out the window. If you are familiar with the show mid way through you think about the episode where he takes the family out to the woods so that Tina can earn a Wilderness Girl patch. This is one of those basically everything that can go wrong will go wrong episode. Bob under cooks trout, consumes it and then proceeds to have food poisoning. He and Linda get lost in the woods, head the wrong direction… Well, you get the picture. Needless to say Bob has dreams of being a great outdoors man. So he goes to the store in hopes to maybe salvage some of that dream. The quote that got my husband was Bob talking about the store about how he loves going in and seeing everything, in a somewhat whistful tone. My husband told me to take notes. I just nodded.

One thing I have learned is that my husband can spend money that will put my shopping habit to shame in an outdoor store. So when I told him that I wanted him to come with me to the Archery Shack, because my bow had come in, he worried that he was going to end up spending lots of money. We managed to make it out of there with out spending more money than necessary.

So embarking on a new adventure I was set down for my first archery lesson. Which was crazy! There is so much to think about, but ladies, I’m here to tell you something about bow hunting, we can do it, you just have to work and practice.

But before we get to what I learned, let me start with what got me started on the path to becoming a bow hunting.

Meet Tim Wells. My husband is a huge fan of his show Relentless Pursuit. I have watched this guy drop all sorts of critters with a bow and arrow. He’s good, he’s real good, but there was an episode where he hunts this particular breed of carp. Asian carp if you are really wondering.


These fish actually jump out of the water giving them this flying fish look, and there was Tim taking them down with a bow and arrow. I’m all for the usual hunt, but every now and then there needs to be something so out of the ordinary that you do, that you almost can’t believe that you have that memory. This idea has created our list. On that list is the Asian Carp, but one problem, I don’t hunt with a bow. I hunt with a cross bow, but not bow… well, until yesterday.

So ladies that are thinking about doing this, trust me and just go for it. You won’t regret it. Secondly, get into the Archery Shack, they will set you up and they will show you what you need to know, and you can be flinging arrows down the range in about 30 minutes. Then practice… A LOT! I know about arrow placement, but I wouldn’t trust myself to walk out into a blind today and go kill me something. Opening day of bow season… well, that’s a different story.




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