A New Olympic Sport. Will You Still Watch?

Oh goody! There’s a new sport in the winter Olympics. It’s called spear PHishing. Lovely. Once upon a time when I was living in little girl-land, the Olympics seemed so honest and innocent and pure. Was I a character in a fairy tale, or what? Forget all the doping and score fixing (and recent unspeakable allegations), some new bad guys want to play a little game called spear phishing. Mc Afee security is warning about spear phishing cyber attackers by hackers. They target fans, athletes, even sponsors…and send supposed Olympics related e-mails, sometimes even spoofed to look like legitimate companies. When you open the e-mail, malware may attack, or your personal info may be stolen. BE SURE to look for httpS before you open anything. The “s” is VERY important. Isn’t “faster, higher, stronger” supposed to apply to the athletes, not the crooks?
Now that you’ve been warned, I have some glasses. They are rose tinted, and I will share. So let’s collectively put them on and enjoy the events!! Or not?



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