Official Music Video: Midland “Drinkin’ Problem”

I have been a big fan of this song from the moment I heard it.  It’s a good one.  One thing I always look for in a country song are strong lyrics.  Without great lyrics, there is no story.  With no story, there is no country song.  (that was almost a direct quote from Grandma Ivey on Pure Country).  “Drinkin’ Problem” is without a doubt, a damn good country song.  Midland seems to capture a certain time period in country music’s past with this song.  I just can’t figure out the time period.  Jeff Scott from Jeff, Megan and Mudflap seem’s to think the 90’s.  Can’t say I disagree.  The lyrics to Drinkin’ Problem were written by Jess Carson, Cameron Duddy, Mark Wystrach (all members of Midland) as well as Shane McAnally and Josh Osborne.

Midland remind’s me of of The Mavericks.  You remember these guys.  They are responsible for awesome songs in the 90’s like…

“Oh What a Cryin’ Shame”

and “Oh What A Thrill”

Down with The Mavericks.

Down with Midland.

Down with that 90’s sound.



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