Omaha Is Calling!

….and Omaha is saying, “I am waaaiting for you Red Raiders.”  Although, Duke showed us last night that they are ready to fight, Tech has to make it happen this year and I think they are going to do it!  It’s been a long time since Duke has been to the Series so they are hungry!

I love sports and am a self proclaimed “serious sports watcher”.  I don’t follow stats or certain players closely.  I just watch the game.  Keeping up with all of that stuff is what the Rockin Pre-Game Show is for, which airs on our sister station Rock 101.1 every Friday from 11a-1p.  Jeff Scott, Pete Christy, Jarret Johnson and Sean Dillon know this stuff inside and out so check it out.

Tim Tadlock and the Red Raiders have been killing it for the past few years. Texas Tech athletics in general has been off the charts recently.  Football has suffered a bit but still getting a lot of good national attention, basketball team is ridiculously talented, tennis, track, hell even our meat judging team can’t be beat!


The game is on ESPN 2 @ 3:00.

Wreck ‘Em Tech and long live Tadlock!

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