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A-Z Bio for Kelli D'Angelo


Available:  If George Strait, Zac Brown, Billy Currington, Blake Shelton, Derek Jeter, Miranda Lambert, Reba, Betty White, Jesse Owens (assuming we could…well, raise the dead), Abe Lincoln….again assuming we could…you know,  or Misty May Trainor should wish to do lunch, go skydiving, shark cage diving, or horseback riding.   I intend to meet Him at a hopefully MUCH LATER date, BUT, I would’ve been available to hang out during Jesus’  time on earth.  Wonder if I would’ve run away and hidden in fear…… 

[B] Best concert: Cancun Jazz Fest: Santana, Grover Washington, jr., etc

[C] Current clothing: very easy to down dress or up dress depending on occasion

[D] Dirty little secret:  I sleepwalk and sleepeat.  I have tasted a dog treat bone in the middle of the night, and most recently an Avon “ night-renewel” medicated facial treatment pad.  Yummy.   

[E] Eat at the most:   Orlando’s on Q.  Taco Villa on 50th near Q.

[F] Favorite band: Little Big Town

[G] Gummy bears or worms: Depends on whether I’m asleep or awake.

[H] Hometown: Lubbock

[I] If I weren't in radio: I’d be a famous writer or actress.

[J] Junk food:  Phillycheese steak

[K] Killer radio moment: Reciting (breathlessly), The Lord’s Prayer, while on air…in the middle of running a half marathon.

[L] Listen to me:  It’s scary to me that personal responsibility is becoming antiquated.

[M] Music to chill to:  Five for Fighting

[N] Number of siblings: 2

[O] One wish: Fewer texts, more conversations

[P] Person you'd love to meet:   Lee Harvey Oswald….if he were alive….just to ask him once and for all if he really killed JFK.  

[Q] Quantum Physics: Plancking.  Double triple dog dare you to google “Planck”.

[R] Reason to smile:   I am blessed with friends, family, furry critter pets, and an amazing little career called “radio”!!

[S] Start in radio:   A desire to overcome being a wallflower and uncomfortably shy.  I actually approached a radio star at the time and asked for help to get into radio.  She became my mentor.  

[T] Time you wake up:  4:00 to 4:30 am, but don’t ask what time I actually ARRIVE at work.

[U] Underrated band:  Steel Magnolia

[V] Vacation:   Maybe Montana, or even Italy next year,  but normally New Mexico or Colorado.

[W] Website you rely on: Café Mom, The Stir

[X] X-rays you've had:   Hmmmmm, how many pages do you have?  Shoulder, head, wrist, both ankles, ribs, neck, knee, and…oh yes, right pinky

[Y] Your favorite country artists:  Blake Shelton, Miranda Lambert, Little Big Town, Steel Magnolia, and of course..George!

[Z] Zodiac sign:   Taurus the Bull …yikes!!
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