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A-Z Bio for Mudflap

[A] Available:     Depends on what it's for.  
[B] Best concert:    Zac Brown Band
[C] Current clothing:     Yes
[D] Dirty little secret:    When I go to the grocery store, I have to go by the coffee isle and smell the French Vanilla Beans.
[E] Eat at the most:      Blue Sky Burgers
[F] Favorite band:        Zac Brown Band
[G] Gummy bears or worms:     Gummy Bears
[H] Hometown:       Tulsa, Oklahoma
[I] If I weren't in radio:      Basketball Coach
[J] Junk food:      Cotton Candy
[K] Killer radio moment:     Seeing our Klll listeners reach r goal & help out Children's Miracle Network Kids!
[L] Listen to me:   6 - 9 am Weekdays
[M] Music to chill to:      Jazz
[N] Number of siblings:     One
[O] One wish:      That I could have 100 wishes
[P] Person you'd love to meet:      God
[Q] Quantum Physics:  What?
[R] Reason to smile:       My family
[S] Start in radio:      2002
[T] Time you wake up:   4:30 am
[U] Underrated band:     Eric Church
[V] Vacation:     Maui
[W] Website you rely on:
[X] X-rays you've had:     Knee, ankle
[Y] Your favorite country artists:      Brad Paisley
[Z] Zodiac sign:      Scorpio
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