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The Borderline - Saturday Nights 11pm - 1am
This is a bit of a love letter to everyone outside of Lubbock, from those of us here. Check out music from a thriving music scene! Lubbock, Texas!
Jonathan Tyler of Jonathan Tyler and the Northern Lights joins J.R. and they have a talk about where he came from, and what his new album holds.
Singer songwriter Troy Cartwright sits down with J.R. and talks about his experiences living in Boston, and whether or not a cat would be good for his lifestyle.
Hunter Hutchinson sits down and debuts cuts off of his new album before it releases in March. Hear it now, plus the story of how his relationship with Aaron Watson changed his life, when he needed it most. AND a chance for you to win tickets! All inside #
J.R. sits down with the king of the slashes. Singer / songwriter / law clerk / law student: Benton Leachman. Get to know him as he\'s just released his debut album \"Bury The Hatchet."
This podcast was inspired by an interview with Granger Smith this episode, the Godfather returns! With lot's of music! Check out #Ep44
J.R. recaps his favorite moments from the podcast so far. Well, what we could fit into one episode at least! Hear some of the best moments, from him apologizing to Josh Grider, to asking really stupid questions to Eli Young Band and so much more. It's #Ep
J.R. kicks off 2015 with local singer songwriter Dallas Owens! They have a fun deep conversation discussing relationships and what's in Dallas' plans for his musical future. #Ep42
This Christmas episode, (Dare we say, Christmas Spectacular!?) Kyle Park joins J.R. and talks about Christmas time around his family and more! Plus hear Christmas music from some of your favorite bands! Like Eli Young, The Rankin Twins and more! #Ep41
Singer song writer Thom Sheperd joins J.R. in the studio. Thom is most well known for songs like 'Riding With Private Malone' and 'Redneck Yacht Club.' Hear the stories behind those songs and more inside episode 40! #Ep40
J.R. sits down with Lubbock native Jenni Dale Lord! They cover lot's of topics including her new album, and even surprise decorating someones house. Hear it all plus music from Brandon Rhyder, Cody Bryan Band, Zac Wilkerson and more! #Ep39
J.R. sits in with Dan Patterson of Dan Patterson and the Dying Lights inside the Borderline Studios! Plus hear music from Wade Bowen, and other local favorites like Randall King Band, Jenni Dale Lord and more! #Ep38
J.R. talks with William Clark Green! Will plays his latest single and a new song he hasn't played for anyone yet! Plus new music from Cody Bryan Band and more! hear it all now! #Ep37
J.R. has moved into the new Borderline Studios for the podcast. This episode he and his roommate Aeryk Cox get to know each other! Plus hear the latest music from the Texas Country scene!
J.R. and Zac Wilkerson go to dinner at Mama Fu's and talk about Zac's debut album, Baron Batch, Walt Wilkins and lot's more. Plus NEW music from Aaron Watson and more!
J.R. sits down with Cody Johnson! And they get to reveal some news about a new family member!
Brandon Adams and J.R. hit the town and have a fun conversation from everything about his record deal, to Clash Of Clans!
J.R. sits down with Wade Bowen, and gives Brandon Kinney a call in Nashville to talk with him and songwriters Jeff Allen and Jason Gantt! Plus hear music exclusive to the podcast!
J.R. gets a phone call from Pat green and then sits back stage at #JABFEST2014 with radio promoter Angela Lampton! With a client roster like Josh Abbott Band, Eli Young Band, Granger Smith, Kyle Park, William Clark Green and lot's more! Hear what it takes
It's a special Episode of the Borderline Podcast! JABFest 2014 is on the way, get ready for the fun with J.R. in this special Episode featuring music from all of the artists And, and interview from the road with William Clark Green!
J.R. takes the show on the road and talks with Lubbock singer, songwriter and teacher Zoë Carter, and Josh Grider! Also hear brand new music from Amarillo's Zac Wilkerson!
J.R. takes the show to Broadway on a Tech Football game day with his guest Dalton Domino! They talk about conspiracy theories and lot's more!
JR talks to crooner Clay Thrash, about his charity work, and the love life of a mutual friend, all from a hotel room...Let's get weird!
J.R. sits down with John Slaughter about his new album coming out Oct. 18th and a whole lot more! Plus music from Josh Abbott Band, The Hogg Maulies, Wade Bowen and lot's more!
J.R. sits down with FOX 34 reporter Ashley Claster! They talk about Music, T.V. News and of course Cats! Also hear great music from Wade Bowen, Adam Hood, Tyler and the Tribe, Dix Hat Band, Randall King, Dan Patterson and so much more!
J.R. talks with Cody Bryan of Cody Bryan Band about everything from beer to being a twin! Plus music from Dix Hat Band, Cody Johnson, Josh Grider and Much More!
J.R. goes on tour with the Dix Hat Band!
J.R. sits down with Randall King! Plus music from Randy Rogers, the Statesboro Revue, Cody Bryan and a new music find from FAR away!
J.R. Talks with Randy Rogers about babysitting, and his upcoming show at the 4th on Broadway Street Dance! Mike Ryan also stops by and talks with J.R. about...everything.
J.R sits down with Kyle Park and gets weird. hear lots of great music PLUS BRAND NEW Music from Rich O'Toole!
J.R. sits down with Roger Creager and talks about everything from flying his plane, to playing for an audience of guys. Cody Johnson also sits in to talk about his new album and J.R. offers him a bus cat for the road! New music in the episode too! FromCh
J.R. talks with Brian Keane about his new album "Coming Home" out now on iTunes, Curtis Grimes and J.R. talk about his new road digs, and Eli Young Band sits down and they talk about everything from hair, to playing stadiums with Kenny Chesney!
J.R. sits down with William Clark Green, Bart Crow AND Granger Smith!
The final episode of 2013! JR talks with Josh Abbott! Plus lot's of Christmas music from your favorite artists!
J.R sits down with Kyle Park and Talks about sharing the stage with George Strait! Casey Donahew also sits down and they talk about everything from hunting, to snoring on the bus! Also featuring music from Randy Rogers Band, Jacob Powell and much more!
J.R. sits down and talks with Red Raider William Clark Green, and with crooner Clay Thrash! Also new music from JB & The Moonshine Band, Rob Baird, Rodney Parker, Sam Riggs, and Uncle Lucius!
J.R sits down with Wade Bowen before his 15th anniversary show! Music and more from Ross Cooper, Brand Adams, Danny Cadra, John Slaughter and BRAND new music from Aaron Watson!
JR talks with Josh Grider and Curtis Grimes. Plus even music from folks like The Dirty River Boys, Hannah Jackson, Kyle Park and MORE!
J.R. is joined by Cody Johnson and Kevin Fowler! Plus Music from John David Kent, Rosehill, Brian Keane, Charlie Stout and Cowboy Troy
J.R. Talks with Shane Smith and The Rankin Twins. Music from T.C. Fambro and the Copperheads, John Slaughter, Charlie Stout, Proud Cut Ponies and William Clark Green
Kyle Park joins J.R. and they talk about Gatorfest, George strait and more!
J.R. talks with Roger Creager, Will Hoge and Randy Rogers!
J.R. introduces you to some new tunes from The Departed, Josh ward, Dan Patterson, Turnpike Troubadours, Six Market Boulevard and Brandon Kinney! Including a sit down with Cody Johnson!
Guests this episode: Nashville Songwriter and Lamesa native Brandon Kinney, Curtis Grimes, Brandon Rhyder and Roger Creager. Also, Music From Dan Patterson
JR talks to William Clark Green about the music business, Cory Morrow About Fraternities, and Roger Creager about Ugly Christmas sweaters!
An extravaganza of Texas Country Stars, Including Kyle Park, Granger Smith, Aaron Watson, and new comers The Cadillac Black!
Kevin Fowler and Mark McKinney Join the Podcast! With additional music from Cody Johnson and Aaron Watson!
Cody Johnson sits down with J.R. for a Borderline Podcast that covers everything from music to shooting skunks to toilets! Catch it all right now!
J.R. Sits down to talk with up and comer and ball of pure energy, Kimberly Dunn!
Bart Crow is the first guest on the Borderline Podcast with J.R. Hear a chat with Bart and some of his classic tunes!
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