Phone Vs. Vacay. Phone Is Winning.

smiling man typing text message

Ahhhhh, it’s vaca … wait a minute, gotta check a text.  Okay where was I?  OH YES! It’s vacatio….dang it someone’s calling.  Never mind.  I don’t recognize the number.  Now what was I doing?  I was….I was….on vacation!  Dink, dink, dink, next text.

Wanna get away?  Apparently you can’t. A new survey show that the average American adult checks his or her phone once every 12 minutes …WHILE ON VACATION! The average vacationer pulls out their phone an average of 80 times a day.  10 percent admit they look at their phones more than 300 times a day. Remember – on vacation. Also,  53 percent of Americans admit they’ve never unplugged when on vacation. 46 percent said keeping in touch with friends and family over social media while they’re on vacation is important to them. The average vacationer said four hours was the longest they could go without looking at their phones.

Oversharing vacation pics and itineraries is also a major problem, but that’s different blog.  OOOOppps. Gotta run.  Phone……..WHAT?



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