Real Men Read Sports Illustrated

Step aside GQ, real men are reading Sports Illustrated anyway. A few weeks ago GQ made the announcement that they would be featuring Colin Kaepernick as their man of the year.

Needless to say I wasn’t impressed. There were lots of people that felt the same way I did in fact people were saying that JJ Watt got the short end of the stick.

Now we have a cover for SI and I couldn’t be more proud.

Jose Altuve who was a key player for the Astros during their World Series win is featured along side JJ Watt who raised $37 Million for Hurricane Harvey relief. The title speaks to more than just two amazing players it speaks to the resilience of a city.

This was a win, well… it’s a draw at least. Because with this cover, SI awarded Kaepernick their Muhammad Ali Legacy Award.

Despite not touching a field, a football or seeing a second of playing time, Kaepernick gets high praise.

I think I am like many people, can he just go away???

Anyway… JJ Watt fans we have a partial win, so that’s something right?


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