Robots Are Taking Our Jobs!

3d rendering robot working with digital display

McKinsey Global Institute reports that automation will leave 800 million people out of a job by 2030.  800 Million!  If this is accurate, one-third of Americans will be unemployed.  This can’t be right.  Or can it?

Car in a factory : Stock Photo

Technology has advanced at such a rapid rate.  Just think, the first computer available to the public was the commodor, in 1977.  Just 40 years ago.  Something similar to this…

Vintage old computer : Stock Photo

Now, everything revolves around technology.  Everything.  My job revolves around the computer I am sitting in front of right this second.  The cars we drive, radio, TV, phones, even books are being replaced by iPads.  We now have ways to contact people across the globe at absolutely no cost to us.  Social Media.  Before the internet and cell phones, calling over seas would have cost you a fortune.  With face time and Snapchat, we can stare at each other while talking.  It’s convenient.  Convenience is big in America.

Automation taking our jobs is not surprising.  But what does surprise me is the fact that the it is taking 800 million jobs!  That is a lot of people.  A computer could easily take my job as a DJ.  It already has in a sense.  The good thing about KLLL is we believe in personalities.  Real people.  Just like you.  We also believe that technology is a wonderful universal tool that enables us to reach out and hopefully connect with you.


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