Scare Friday Fails With Jeff Scott and Dave Fernandez

So, every now and then I fail miserably at scaring a co-worker.  Again, this is not something that happens often at all because I am a pro at scaring folks.  Well, this was one of those rare occasions.

Scare Friday Fail #1, my boss, Jeff Scott.  Yes, I tried to scare my boss and yes, it’s THAT Jeff Scott, from Jeff, Megan and Mudflap.  He is also the host of The Rockin’ Pre-Game Show on Rock 101.1.  Attempting to scare my boss was a risky move on my part.  However, I figured it would be worth the possibility of losing my job.  I’m kidding.  Jeff wouldn’t do that.  Or maybe he would, I didn’t actually scare him so I do not know.  What I do know is that I WILL be trying again at some point.  If I am out of a job here before too long, just remember that I love you all very much.  R.I.P Kris Mason.

Scare Friday Fail #2.  Dave Fernandez, voice of Rock 101.1 and the best damn engineer in the radio business.  He also keeps the Rockin’ Pre-Game Show up and running.  Although, my role in the Rockin’ Pre-Game Show is way more important than his.  That’s actually not true at all.  Dave has that classic “radio voice”.  Funny thing is it’s not a “radio voice” at all.  He actually talks that way.  It’s kind of weird.  Anyway, I did not phase Dave at all.  Dude is like a rock hard stone.  Didn’t even blink an eye!

Dear Jeff Scott and Dave Fernandez,

Both of you are very fortunate.  Fortunate in the sense that I didn’t do my job of scaring you correctly.  There will be another day.


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