Shocking Numbers About Super Bowl Hangover

The american football player in action in stadium

Do you think it’s silly that over 25 per cent of Americans think that the day after the Super Bowl should be a National holiday? Or, are you in the 25 percent?
Here are some facts that may or may not surprise you.
According to a new survey, 59 percent of employees admitted to skipping work or showing up late the day after a major sporting event, mainly the Super Bowl. The beginning of March Madness ranks up there, too, which is why men scheduling their vasectomies for the first day of March Madness has become very trendy over the past several years. But, that’s another story for a few weeks from now.
72 percent of human resources managers said they think the day following the Super Bowl should be a paid national holiday from work.
Workers spent an average of 27 minutes each workday on “sports-related activities” leading up to a big game.
And also, men were more than twice as likely as women to call in sick or make an excuse for not showing up the morning after a big sporting event. These numbers were found on The Ladders website at
What do you think?



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