Somewhere Ann Curry

Those of you who have been watching the Today show for the last 20 years you will know Katie Couric was a former co-host, as well as Ann Curry, while Matt Lauer became named the most powerful anchor in America. Seriously, it was on a magazine cover in 2012.

Those of you who remember Ann Curry might remember her tearful goodbye. More importantly you will remember all the allegations that went on with her leaving Today.

Some claim it was money, some claim it was politics… all I know is I searched somewhere Ann Curry on Twitter and wasn’t disappointed. I don’t think you will be disappointed either.


Needless to say there are tons of them. Curry was asked in an interview pretty quickly after Lauer’s dismissal what she thought of the situation and she declined to comment, because she was still taking it in and processing it.

In all fairness, the interview was scheduled long before the dismissal, and happened pretty quickly after. It was pretty epic timing if I’m being honest. Meanwhile, Lauer has issued a statement.

This whole thing reminds me of those lessons we learn as kids. Given the multiple occurrences that I have seen referenced, it makes me wonder, is Lauer sorry for his actions or just the fact that he was caught. I mean come on if he was remorseful for his actions at any point his behavior would have changed. His behavior never changed.

It’s like my grandmother told me that being sorry means you change what your doing. Saying sorry just appeases feelings, but doesn’t solve the problem.

Needless to say with Lauer hitting the skids, I’m dreading to turn on the nightly news, because I wonder who is going to be next.



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