Stupidity Is Not An Asset

Low angle view of a female hunter aiming with her rifle

I’ve been sitting on this blog for about a week and a half now, and let me just say stupidity is not an asset.

I was scrolling through my Facebook feed and there were two things that came up back to back that were disheartening and they down right pissed me off.

So first we had the morons off the Florida coast line who caught a shark… but they did more than just catch a shark.

Yes, they drug it behind the boat. THEY DRUG THE SHARK BEHIND THEIR BOAT!!! I’ve been watching and the case it is now being investigated and Florida Wildlife officials have said that the men are identified and the investigation is on going.

Okay. Good… Guys like these give the rest of us a really bad name.

So this is the first video I see, then the very next bit of “news” I see on my feed is this…

First off for those of you who are not familiar with Jefferies, he is one of those guys who thinks he is doing the world a service by delivering his “popular” opinion on grand scheme matters. Like this rant he goes on over trophy hunting.

There are somethings that he is very misinformed about. Let’s go over the logic.

He has the right to not like either type of hunting… that is his right. However, the idea that it’s not a sport, he obviously has not hiked in with your gear to track animals, like Kudu, Alk, or any number of sheep/ram species. Then hike out with all the meat assuming he’s capable of actually killing something. Nor does he understand that there are hunters out there that like the challenge of hunting without a rifle. Like with a bow, spear, or even boomerang.

*Warning this is a graphic video*

I do believe that there is a challenge in this and I do believe that there are times that there are winners and losers. Sometimes the hunter is the loser. I have missed with my bow… and my animal walked away. To a hunter that is a loss.

As for the argument that there are people out there using it to feed their families, its very true. Stop and think about the fact that there are still to this day parts of Kentucky that are not industrialized. In fact there are places here in Texas that many people not only use the money to buy the bullets to hunt, they buy those bullets to protect their family, serving a two fold purpose.

In fact if you watch Lone Star Law the last episode of last season had this weird crazy ordeal with a family and them illegally taking an animal. Once everything was sorted out the Game Wardens usually confiscate the animal, but in this case they didn’t, because they could see that this family was having a rough time trying to keep themselves fed. Yes they still got a ticket, but needless to say there are some cases where hunting for food is a very real way of life.

As for me I like knowing where exactly my meat comes from, and not relying on the good will of a government agency to tell me where it came from.

As for comparing a hunter to a serial killer… Well, about that. No.

Him talking about money not going to conservation efforts… I call bull. I have yet to get a hold of the report that they are talking about, but here is what I do know…

I do believe that there is even someone with some credentials talking in Adam Ruins Everything. Rosie Cooney, PHD. Her title is Chair IUCN Sustainable Use and Livelihood Specialist Group. You can actually find more on Rosie Cooney here. If you wondering yes, that is the website for the UN… Sounds more convincing than Jim Jefferies, comedian.

In fact if you google Rosie Cooney you will see that she has written many things with in this field and has formed a solid thoroughly researched opinion.

Saying that hunters are all about the blood lust. Well, that is just fiction.

Saying that hunters are psychotic and narcissistic, okay I give… Yes, I like to get up really are in the morning and go sit in the cold (psychotic) and I enjoy beating out all the boys on who has the bigger buck (narcissistic).

Hey Jimmy boy, you know that people with a sarcastic sense of humor… *cough*couch* the drivel you pollute the airwaves with *cough*cough*… that is also linked to narcissistic tendencies. Also if he is wanting to dive into the wiring of the brain, I can do that, did you know that comedians are more likely to have substance abuse problems, suffer from depression, and schizophrenia.

Jim if you want to play this game you need to have more than one study at your disposal.

If you do the math of 3% of $325 million, you get $9.7 million… That’s a nice chunk of change being passed down to the people of Africa.

We can both agree that we are not fans of rich people. However, its more along the lines of I’m not one.

The thing that gets me about this video is his description of the hunt. That whole bleeding out and then killing an animal after days, is just not true… Where ethical hunters are concerned.

The most an animal will ever have to suffer all depends on how long it takes an ethical hunter to find it. I’ve had to track animals in the brush, but I am also not going to take the shot if I think that I might do an animal harm, as opposed to actually killing it. I have actually killed animals that had broadheads, and bullets from other hunters in them, because a hunter took a shot that they shouldn’t have.

As for that kitty cat rabbit trail… pointless.

So here is my plea for the week. Don’t believe what is shoveled in your face. Do some research, because you need to form your own opinion first.



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