The Bucket List

This last year I checked a huge thing off the bucket list, I got married.

If your following me on social media you probably know all about the struggles of planning a wedding, but I’m going to share the amazing thing about having a husband who really understands your soul.

I know your thinking, there is no way… let me assure you, there is.

Any bride will tell you that a wedding day is full of emotions, laughter, tears, tears through laughter, laughter through tears, there is a whole gambit of them. On my wedding day the tears started when my husband posted on social media. He isn’t about super grand gestures, or posting all over social media, but he managed to say all the right things.

I can’t find the post, it has since been buried, but here is what it said, “Today is it! I get to marry my sweetheart this afternoon! When she put on my old stinky coveralls and jumped in the truck to go hunting with me I knew she was the one. Here is to many years of truck rides and adventures together. I love you!”

Excuse me… tears…

Pulling on coveralls and jumping in a truck wasn’t a new experience, but going hunting was. That new experience was one that I enjoyed so much that I kept going, and now I’m more obsessed that I ever thought I would be. I told my husband when I first went, I will try anything once.

So last night we started talking about things that we want to knock off our bucket list. Places to travel to, creatures to hunt, things of that nature.

So here are some of my bucket list items, hopefully I get to start knocking these things off the list as time goes on.

First, I want to bow hunt Asian Carp.

The fish that are leaping out of the water… That is what I want to hunt, sure you can use a fishing pole, but I think that bowhunting would be so much more fun.

Second, I want to go fish for a blue marlin in Hawaiian waters.

Cause… Why not?

Third, I want to do a red stag hunt in New Zealand.

This is apparently a once in a lifetime hunt for hunters. New Zealand is also known for some of the best reg stag hunting in the world. If we also happen to do some amazing sight seeing while we are there, well then so be it. I will some how have to manage. Ha!

Fourth, bird hunt in Argentina.

Quail specifically. Apparently there are clubs you get into if you bag x number of birds. It has nothing to do with you finding birds, they are apparently everywhere, but its just a matter of weather your shoulder can take it.

Fifth I want to go hunt Africa.

I know this one gets lots of bad press, but it really does serve an important effort in conserving wildlife.

And lastly, I want to visit as many different places humanly possible. I’ve been to the Caribbean, Canada, Florida, DC, Washington, Alaska, Colorado, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Ohio. I want to add places like Bali…


Costa Rica

And so many more…

So putting on those dirty coveralls and jumping in a dirty truck to go hunt was just the start of what I am hoping is a life long adventure that spans the globe. Even if it is just a small trot across the globe one thing I do know is that I have a husband who will be adventuring alongside me the whole way.





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