The Oscar’s “Mix-UP”

These people handing out awards have one job…hand out the awards!  Surely they have hired someone capable of handing out the correct content.  Or perhaps this person has multiple tasks during the Oscar’s and legitimately mixed up the winner’s.  I wonder these things simply because I’m thinking, this type of “goof” seems to be some kind of trend with programs with big audiences.  It has happened often.  The latest of course being Steve Harvey for Miss Universe.  When things like this happen, people like myself are all over it on social media!  Mistake or not?

Bill Paxton.  Tombstone, Titanic and Apollo 13.  He played a hilariously sleezy role in True Lies and of course, Twister.  The Ft. Worth native passed away, Saturday, February 25th, at the age of 61 due to complications from surgery.  He’s a great actor and will be missed.

I saw this on the local news last night and thought it was pretty cool.

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