The Wedding Dress Saga

One thing that I now fully understand is the pain that is trying on and finding THE wedding dress.

I actually found mine back in November so that was something that I could mark of my ever growing list of things to do early. Which trust me ladies that is one thing you do want to do early.

So I had made my mind up that I was willing to pay money to go anywhere besides a big box store, which leaves me with some very limited options here in Lubbock.

I will say this to every bridal place out there, treat the bridesmaids well. Some of them are single and will become engaged and when they do you very well could have soured them on your establishment, because of your treatment of said bridesmaid.

The potential of her money coming back through your doors are slim and well left me with the possibility of having to travel for my wedding dress, which I would do, just so I wouldn’t have to deal with this particular store ever again.

So looking for bridal shops I did what any sane person would do and that was type in the google search bar what I was looking for. I was looking in Amarillo, Midland, and even Dallas. Then I saw Bliss Bridal and Special Occasion, I was thinking okay an option and then I remembered where it was and thought, how does that work? So I shelved it for a little bit while I was still making up my mind on where I wanted to go.

Then I was reading a huge The Knot magazine, the Texas edition of course, and I saw Bliss’s advertisement, the dress was amazing that they featured, the designers were some that I was looking at all ready… So sold. I will call and set an appointment.

Going in I didn’t have ‘Say Yes To The Dress’ expectations. I actually had the opposite. I was so afraid that I was going to be going to bridal appointments most of the day and walk away empty handed, confused and at negative square one… that is what happens when you don’t get past square one, but end up taking a step back.

But I set my appointment and I went to Bliss first thing.

Erica was amazing! I can’t emphasize this enough.

I walked in having no idea what I wanted, which would turn out to be the death of me at the end of the day, but what I did know is we were having an outdoor wedding, and I didn’t want a veil, which means that the dress needs to stand alone and have simply beautiful details. Erica totally listened and every thing she pulled was simple and beautiful, we tried the long, flowing, romantic type things. I’m not built for those dresses, then we tried on a-line gowns that had lots of movement, and that was where I was loving life.

Three dresses in and I actually found the dress, but I didn’t know it yet.

Being an eternal shopper I thought there might be something better, so I carried on to my next appointment at another place in town. Well, that was a whole lot of craziness.

There were people everywhere, and to top it off they didn’t seem willing to really work with me on much of anything, I kept being redirected to clearance dresses, that I would have had to pay storage on if I had left it at the this particular bridal shop. I wanted simple, not lots of bling, something that would fit a 3 pm wedding in May outside. I had all these amazing and fancy dresses thrown at me; which were beautiful, but totally not what I’m looking for.

Oddly enough I kept thinking about this dress at Bliss. So after that I went back and tried on that one dress at Bliss and that was it, that was THE dress.

I know your thinking why, is she telling me this?

I’m telling you this, because I have to tell everyone what a difference a good bridal shop makes on your decisions. At Bliss they see one bride at a time, which makes a huge difference, you feel catered too and it just being me and my friends made all the difference.

I was heard, I wasn’t trying on things that weren’t really going to work with my theme or my wedding.

Local is always best.

You’ve heard me talk about how amazing the Archery Shack is because of just good ole fashion customer service, that is the same thing you will experience here, because Bliss is locally owned and operated.

In fact I was so in love with Bliss that I bought my MOH her dress there, it has sparkles. Lol!

So brides if you are looking for a place that will really help you find a dress and your looking for that amazing bridal moment, look no further than Bliss.


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