New interior with Christmas tree, presents and fireplace. Postcard.

Okay.  Truth.  I LOVE Christmas, and always wish to cling to it for longer than a day.  It’s the special season of the birth of Jesus.  It’s the magic of Christmas mornings from long ago….and seeing the eyes of little kids light up now ….and family…and silly, senseless “guilty pleasure”Hallmark movies.

If you are a bah! humbug! person who throws Christmas back into the attic one minute after midnight on December 26th, there’s no real need to read on.  It’s not personal, just a difference in thought process.

IF YOU LOVE Christmas as much as I do, please join me for a moment of rejoicing!  We are just BEGINNING the celebration, with many days ahead!  There’s an historical reason behind the song, “The 12 Days of Christmas”.  It’s also known as “twelvetide”, and historically is the celebration of the Nativity of Jesus.  The dates?  December 25th through January 5th!!!  So my colleagues in  Christmas magic, celebrate on with a BIG OL’ (that’s my native Texan leaking out) GRIN!  And spread the word.

And as for the stores who already have Valentine decorations and candies replacing the Christmas aisle, you’re premature, which is never a good thing!

Meanwhile, MERRY CHRISTMAS! MERRY CHRISTMAS! Merry Christmas…..Merry Christmas…..Merry Christmas………..



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