Flashback Friday: Alan Jackson, George Strait and Brooks and Dunn

I put together a few songs from the old days, that I think are very clever and well written, by the juggernauts in the industry today.  You might want to dust off your tape deck after this…if you even have one.

Alan Jackson:  Wanted

Alan Jackson’s “Wanted” will bring a tear to anyone’s eye.  Written by Alan Jackson and Nashville songwriter Charlie Craig, “Wanted” is a song about a man who feels he made a mistake and left the woman he loved.  So, he proceeds to put a wanted add in the paper asking her for forgiveness.  Such a great song.

  • Released:  1990
  • Album: Here in the Real World

George Strait:  The Chair

Of course this is one of George Strait’s most well known songs…for good reason.  Written by Dean Dillon and Hank Cochran, “The Chair” talks about a man that walks up to a table occupied by a pretty lady.  He decides it is a good idea to tell her that she has his chair.  The woman tries to give the chair back but he doesn’t mind and is “glad to share.”  It end’s up working out and he apparently drives her home.  If this is not the ultimate pick up line I don’t know what is.  Too bad the song is so well known, otherwise guy’s might be using this one.  I would.

As a side note, this was obviously the very short period of time when George Strait was experimenting with what his signature hat should look like.  The brim on this hat is smaller than the one we know now.

  • Released:  1985
  • Album:  Something Special

Brooks and Dunn:  Lost and Found

This is one of my all time favorite Brooks and Dunn songs.  Written by Kix Brooks and Don Cook “Lost and Found” just hits hard.  Such a memorable song.  It doesn’t quite stand the test of time like George Strait’s “The Chair”, but it gives me that good throwback feeling when I hear it.  “Lost and Found” is actually one of the very few songs Ronnie Dunn did not have a hand in writing.

Oh, and Kix Brooks really looks like Dale Earnhardt in this video.

  • Released:  1992
  • Album:  Brand New Man

All of these songs are so well written and hit number 1 on the Billboard Charts.  Every single time I hear any of them, I instantly flashback to another time.  It’s pretty cool how music has the ability to do that.

Since the man himself is coming to town I thought I would throw in a little something extra for you.  Criss Angel…I mean Chris Gaines.

Happy Flashback Friday!



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