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by JR posted Jul 18 2014 5:06PM
In case you needed more stuff to worry about...

Amarillo, TX - A bug that transmits a deadly parasite is making its way across Texas, and researchers at Texas A&M University are asking for help to track it.

The insect known as the 'kissing bug' is normally found in Mexico and other parts of Central America, but their presence in Texas is becoming more prominent. That is why scientists are asking citizens across the state to keep an eye out for them.

The kissing bug is a nasty looking insect and it can give the kiss of death in bite form to humans, dogs and other mammals. "It can be fatal," said Dr. Martin Pearson, a veterinarian at Noah's Ark Pet Hospital. "It almost always is."

KFDA - NewsChannel 10 / Amarillo News, Weather, Sports

Read the complete story HERE

(via NewsChannel10)
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by JR posted Jul 16 2014 3:45PM
If you don't know, I LOVE live music. I'm out at shows all the time. And Of course I do the Borderline Podcast highlighting artists. (Shamless Self Promotion). I came across this story out of Minneapolis.

Here's the story via Twistedsifter

It all started when eight-year-old Dylan Spoering put a sign on his front lawn promoting his free piano concert on 12 July 2014.

Neighbor and fellow musician Thomas Rehbein noticed Dylan's sign and posted it to Facebook saying:

"I have no idea who Dylan Spoering is, but he made this sign and put it out in his front yard, which I saw while biking home. Wouldn't it be cool if a bunch of people showed up for his free concert?

The Facebook event took off and word of the concert spread quickly. Despite the rain, hundreds showed up to provide their support.

Dylan did his part, playing several pieces from his elementary music books. The 10-minute concert was even broadcast live on USTREAM where it has been viewed over 28,000 times! You can see the full stream here. At the end of the performance Dylan got an amazing ovation from the crowd. Check it out below.

Way to go Dylan!

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by JR posted Jul 14 2014 5:29PM

This is Helene Meldahl. And well, let's just face it. She's better at selfies that we are. If you want to challenge her for that title, you're going to have to be VERY creative. Here are some of our favorites.

Check out her instagram here!
Here is my wholly inadequate instagram.

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by JR posted Jun 20 2014 4:16PM
My weekend just turned into a giant list of things I want to build. Check out some of these great repurposes of old wooden pallets. 

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Source (Dump a Day)
by JR posted Jun 10 2014 3:29PM

According to KCBD the Jack In The Box locations in Lubbock were ordered closed due to non compliance of franchise rules. 

Now I have to find out how to make those tacos myself. And how to cook in general.

Read the complete story here.



by JR posted Jun 9 2014 3:14PM
From his website...
"I’m sorry but it’s going to be a few more weeks before we get rocking in America again. I’m feeling great but taking my docs' advice to take it easy for just a few more days. Look forward to seeing you all soon.” — Paul McCartney


Re-scheduled dates in BOLD 

July 5: Albany, NY - Times Union Center
July 7: Pittsburgh, PA - Consol Energy Center
July 9: Chicago, IL - United Center
July 12: Fargo, ND - Fargodome
July 14: Lincoln, NE - Pinnacle Bank Arena
July 16: Kansas City, MO - Sprint Center
August 2: Minneapolis, MN - Target Field
August 5: Missoula, MT - Washington-Grizzly Stadium
August 7: Salt Lake City, UT - EnergySolutions Arena
August 10: Los Angeles, CA - Dodger Stadium
August 12: Phoenix, AZ - US Airways Center
August 14: San Francisco, CA - Candlestick Park
- October 2: Lubbock, TX - United Spirit Arena
  (Re-scheduled from June 14)
- October 11: New Orleans, LA - Smoothie King Center 
  (Re-scheduled from June 19)
- October 13: Dallas, TX - American Airlines Center 
  (Re-scheduled from June 16)
- October 15: Atlanta, GA - Philips Arena 
  (Re-scheduled from June 21)
- October 16: Nashville, TN - Bridgestone Arena
  (Re-scheduled from June 25)
- October 25: Jacksonville, FL - Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena
  (Re-scheduled from June 22)
- October 28: Louisville, KY - Yum! Center 
  (Re-scheduled from June 26)
(via Paul McCartney)

So your tickets for the show WILL BE HONORED October 2nd!

by JR posted May 30 2014 3:43PM
If you catch Luke Bryan, you have to throw him back. It's the rules.

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by JR posted May 30 2014 3:29PM

I'm a big reader. I love all different kinds of books, and while I haven't made it to '50 Shades Of Grey' I will read just about anything else, including cereal boxes.Seriously, I read so much growing up, that I failed Junior English because I was in the back of the class reading the books to come for Senior year.  Lavar Burton's Reading Rainbow was a show I loved watching. The show made me feel good about my big imagination, and I didn't feel like such a nerd about reading so much. 

Well Lavar Burton is bringing it back via a Kickstarter Campaign. When you think about all the kids who aren't reading, to me this could be a really important television program for years to come. It's sad that it has to be funded through Kickstarter instead of a network just picking it up, but hey, at least someone is doing something. It shows that people know it's important. Because on day one, they already flew past the $1,000,000 goal. 

Click here for the Kickstarter page and more information!

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by JR posted May 28 2014 4:34PM
Full disclosure, I'm not big on sweets. But if there is any kind of sweets I love it's Oreo's and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. I now don't have to worry about buying them seperately and putting them together. Because I DEFINITELY wasn't doing that up until today. 

Check out the whole article here! 

by JR posted May 27 2014 4:51PM
If you’re new to twitter, or still thinking about joining, well, don’t be afraid I’m here to help! One of the most common complaints I get from people when I tell them about twitter, because apparently I’m on the marketing team for them, is I don’t know who I would follow! After realizing I’d already forgotten how I found some of the people I follow, I figured I would come up with a definitive list for people to follow in Lubbock on twitter. First off, I’m obviously not above a little self promotion, so follow me! I do everything from contests to concert announcements to stupid things I think are funny. If you’re like me and love to see live music, then following venues is always a good choice, like @wildwestlbb Another great follow in the music area of Lubbock is New Slang They’re funny and they do a good job of throwing in some opinion while still keeping you informed about the Lubbock area music scene. I’m not a weather nerd by any means, but staying informed is part of my job. And whoever it is manning the twitter feed for the National Weather Service for the area does a great job. I also like to make sure I stay up on news, and KCBD is a great place to start for local news. And cats, because, well, CATS! I mean, seriously though, CATS. Ahem, keeping an eye on Tech news is always interesting… I also follow Whataburger, because I like to eat at Whataburger… NOT Kliff Kingsbury. Kate here gets a shout out just because of this tweet… Natalie Gross from the Lubbock AJ does a great job, she is definitely a must follow. She’s very twitter active and seems nice. The folks over at Lubbock In The Loop do a great job of giving you an idea of what's going on it town-

I'm pretty sure I'm missing some great accounts to follow here...
Ok, so maybe this wasn’t “definitive” but you can put your twitter handle in the comments here and see if you can get some more followers…
Oh, and don't forget to follow me
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