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by Mudflap KLLL posted Nov 26 2014 7:08AM
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by Mudflap KLLL posted Nov 26 2014 6:22AM
by Kate Raines posted Nov 25 2014 12:29PM
I initially debated writing this, but I've come to the conclusion that something has to be said.

I have often wondered, what type of heartless person takes in an animal and then decides to give them up to the pound, or worse yet just turn them out and let them wander the streets?

I have owned pets for years and it would break my heart thinking about these fur babies and how there was nothing that I could really do for them.

I recently had to put my sweet girl down, because she had a massive seizure that they couldn't stop or do anything about. The vet thought that it might be a brain tumor. I have talked with family and there is also a possibility that she could have contracted a disease that we aren't aware of. With that thought; having another dog in the house is something that we haven't wanted to do right off the bat. That and things are just getting crazy right now, so I just don't have the time to train, play with or love on a puppy the way they need to be.

So the over the weekend at work I had a stray come up to me and want to play. He was sweet, cute, looked to be taken care of, he was someone's pet.

So instead of turning away like I've done before, I decided that I was going to make a difference in this little guys life and either find his family or get him hooked up with one of the great animal rights organizations here in town. So after talking with the roomies, they agreed that we would watch him over the weekend, but Monday we needed to get him to one of the animal rights organizations here in town, because we don't have the time you need for a dog.

Monday rolled around and off my roommates went to try and get this little guy put some where. What they were met with was a bunch of no's, closed doors, hoops, and no advice on how to really help the little guy.

I myself tried calling, facebook messaging and other things to see if we could get him hooked up with someone that would be willing to foster the guy, till his home was found or he got adopted. I kept getting told that we were the ones that had to foster him. Here's the thing, I wouldn't be coming to you if I could foster a dog, and I wouldn't be asking you if you could place him somewhere if I could foster.

Actually if I felt I could keep a dog in any capacity right now I wouldn't have been knocking on any doors anywhere, I would just keep him myself.

So after a failed day of trying to get this lost pup somewhere, where he might find a home I had a deep discussion with my mother and then myself.

I grew up on a farm and while I learned that they are just animals and life happens to animals to, one of the hardest things I ever did was tell the vet that it was okay to put my sweet girl out of her misery. She had become part of my life, and it was hard not fighting for that, but putting her down because it was going to be a very serious quality of life issue, made it easy for me to make the call, because I didn't want her to suffer ever. I loved her too much to let her suffer. It still breaks my heart, but it was the best call for me to make.

Anyone that knows me knows that I love animals, and I want to do the best thing for the animals I come into contact with, even if that means it's only for a short while.

This morning I took this pup that I had found, after I had tried every other option, to the animal shelter on SE Loop 289. This is where I finally found some help… which amazed me because of all the awful things I've heard, and read about the city facilities... The staff was amazing and excellent this morning.

They took the dog in and the officer that was helping me assured me that he was going to be looked after and probably adopted quickly, but they would in take him, examine him, and get him fixed up. One of the other men there was enamored with this pup.

While I feel like this is the worst place for this sweet pup to be, because he is perfectly healthy, and it is a city shelter, which means that it isn't no kill. I was unfortunately not given any options outside of this.

I believe in adopt don't shop, my sweet girl was a rescue. So if you want to look into rescuing this sweet pup, email me at and I will see if I can get you hooked up with the shelter.

But after the experience I've had with trying to get an animal into the right place, like with one of the "highly" touted animal right associations here in town; I no longer wonder why people look the other way with strays or why people do what they do with their pets when they no longer want them. These are all things that have been answered with the simple response of sometimes people really have no choice left, and it is often not their choice. It gets made for them, with no's, hoops, and closed doors.

I'm not trying to create a big debate, but I felt that something needed to be said, from the simple perspective, of I just wanted to do the right thing.
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by Mudflap KLLL posted Nov 25 2014 7:37AM
by Mudflap KLLL posted Nov 25 2014 6:53AM
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