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by Mudflap KLLL posted Oct 30 2014 7:47AM
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by Kate Raines posted Oct 29 2014 4:55PM
I love talking to people which is a good thing in my line of work. Here is the reason that I love talking to people. I find out all sorts of interesting things.

There is a new term that is used to describe a certain sounding vein of Country music… The term that I'm talking about is the term "Bro Country". There are certain artists that are embracing the term… others not so much.

So I was talking with someone the other day and I was floored to learn that they weren't familiar with the word. I then remembered that I am paid to on a daily basis just throw myself into all things that are Country music related and learn. Basically I get paid to eat, sleep, and breathe country.

Not gonna lie it's a pretty sweet gig.

So before I get into deep discussion about Luke Bryan, for those of you who don't know, let me just tell you what "bro country" is.

"Bro country" is typically defined as songs that talk about tan lines, tailgates, hot women, trucks, mud, back roads, bonfires, and you can't forget the beer… or alcohol in general.

There are lots of artists that have been thrown into this category Florida Georgia Line is topping this list, Luke Bryan, Brantley Gilbert, and Thomas Rhett are just a few of them that typically fall in this line. There are very few things that dispute this assumption.

However, Luke Bryan recently told ABC News that he finds the term "bro country" aggravating and derogatory… From the sounds of it this is a label that Bryan isn't to pleased to have.

"Yeah, do I sing about a truck and a beer on one son, but then I do sing about a completely different subject matter. I mean, listen to the whole album and don't judge me on one song." Said Bryan.

His latest album "Crash My Party" has yielded 5 number 1's for Bryan and I think that he is completely right in his outrage in the term and being lumped in the category.

It's now time to follow Kate's train of thought so… come with me…

I'm old enough to remember a day where you didn't download singles; you waited till they got played on the radio so you could record them onto a cassette tape. Then if you wanted other music by the same artist you went out and bought the entire album. You didn't get to listen to a preview of the song before you purchased it and downloaded it to some MP3 player.

I know that we live in an ala carte society as far as music is concerned and its just because technology has evolved in a way that no one could imagine… well… except for Steve Jobs.
Here is what made the old school greats, really great. They didn't have one song on an album that people really wanted, and then a bunch of junk that they used as filler. Every song was methodically picked, because they knew one bad album would be their downfall.

I personally love Bryan's album I know why it keeps turning up in the top 5 Country albums week in and week out, it's a good solid album. There are songs on there that I like to listen too, that aren't singles and probably never will be, but I'm okay with that.

And if we're being real honest I don't think I would have purchased the songs I enjoy the most if I had listened to a 30 second snippet from the middle of the song.

I think the moral of this story is don't judge a book by its cover, nor a artist by their singles.

by Mudflap KLLL posted Oct 29 2014 8:17AM

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