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by JR posted Oct 21 2014 4:25PM

This should go Viral. If fake stories can go viral scaring people. Then let the truth speak louder. Share this with your well meaning Grandparents, parents, and friends who seem to get their news through Facebook.

I love jokes. In fact, if you were to ask the radio station staff, they would say I am the most likely to laugh at my own jokes. I love a lot of forms of humor, including Satire. The Onion is great at satire. Satire is a mirror to hold up to society. So when I see things like this, I get mad.

This isn't satire, even though it and websites like it claim to be. This is fear mongering click bait. The "National Report" gets paid every time someone clicks on a link. Because it's ads are seen, they can show their click numbers to ad agencies and get ad buys. That's why this is bad. Because they are willing to say whatever they have to, just to get you to click through.

This isn't about Ebola. This is bigger than Ebola. This is about scaring people. This is why my mother calls me to tell me she's worried because I live in Texas, so close to the 'Outbreak.'

So, I'm going to throw on my reporter hat for a moment, and dig in to this. Who are these people that are clearly profiting off of the fear mongering? The "reporter" Jane M. Agni has her bio at the bottom of each of her "reports."

Wow, impressive. That seems like a fall though. To go from Oprah's Book Club to an online newspaper. Next, I Googled her name. I'm an awesome reporter I know. It turns out, I wasn't the only person to search for her.

I found that on the first page of Google results. Pretty close to the top. It would seem that an Oprah Book Club recommended Best Selling Author would be a little higher on that list.

Every time someone shares something that is clearly stupid and just not true and I see it, I will politely share a link to the Snopes article that completely destroys it.

So here's the deal. If you want to know the news. Don't go to Facebook. If you learn of a story on Facebook, search for it to see if ANYONE else is reporting that. Stop clicking on click bait and helping to pay people to frighten your already worried parents. And if you see someone posting this click bait, do them a favor and show them how to Google something.

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by Mudflap KLLL posted Oct 21 2014 7:57AM

Online romance flames out after woman gets stuck inside chimney

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by Mudflap KLLL posted Oct 21 2014 6:56AM

Fashion designer Oscar de la Renta dies at 82

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by Mudflap KLLL posted Oct 21 2014 6:53AM

Oscar Pistorius Sentenced to 5 Years in Prison in Killing of Girlfriend

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by Mudflap KLLL posted Oct 21 2014 6:31AM

Donnie Wahlberg and Jenny McCarthy Have Hot Chocolate Together Every Night

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by Kate Raines posted Oct 20 2014 1:13PM
Every man that I have ever been with will be with or anything in between is probably rejoicing reading this…

Heck I think every man every where will love reading this.

I love to see the things that pop up in my facebook feed some days. The other day I happened to come across an article that gave you 7 reasons why it benefits you to sleep naked.

So in the interest of gained knowledge I thought I would share.

Besides cutting down on the laundry you do is never a bad thing.

So here it is:

1)Couples who sleep naked have better relationships, because of the release of oxytocin through skin to skin contact. Not only does this bond you it elevates happiness, lowers stress and blood pressure.

2)It reduces the risk of yeast infections. Ladies I don't think I need to elaborate on this one.

3)It actually makes you body healthier, by releasing the human growth hormone, or HGH. Anyone familiar with working out, and weight lifting know how important it is to make sure you let the HGH do its thing. It helps promote bone density, promotes healthy weight, and lowers your risk for heart disease to name a few.

4)You have better sex… I swear that this naturally falls at number 4 in the article… There's not a whole lot of imagination that you have to put into this one, besides look at the number 1 thing on the list.

5)This cools your body and helps lower your cortisol levels. Which have been shown to trigger over eating, plus belly fat and low libidos.

6)Ladies apparently you need to add this to your beauty regimen, because sleeping naked will apparently make you younger. If you sleep between 68-70 degrees this will help release anti-aging hormones like melatonin and HGH. Which I guess isn't a huge stretch. I once heard the Audrey Hepburn's mother had her wash her face as a child, something that she continued through her life, and she was flawless.

7)You've seen it in all the magazines about how walking around naked is suppose to boost your self confidence in your body and make you more confident. Apparently sleeping naked does the same thing.

So in conclusion it all seems likes some justifiable reasons to ditch the pj's in the summer, but I think that it is a whole new topic when the temps are dropping into the 20's with a northern wind at night.

Ladies, some interesting thoughts… Gentlemen you are welcome. Yes I know I gave you some validity to your argument. Enjoy!
by Mudflap KLLL posted Oct 20 2014 8:07AM

Eric Church Brings the Outsiders Tour to New York's Madison Square Garden

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by Mudflap KLLL posted Oct 20 2014 8:02AM

Welcome to Premiere Cinemas!

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by Kate Raines posted Oct 17 2014 12:44PM
Years ago I kinda started adoring Jennifer Nettles and the group Sugarland, for one reason alone. They released an album or some something that my sister came across and it had them doing live covers from their shows.

One thing that I still remember about their show when I got to catch them live was them getting on stage with Little Big Town, who opened for them, and doing an acapella version of Queen's "Somebody to Love" perfectly. I still get chills thinking about the way that they did this song. I could actually see Freddy Mercury sitting in heaven with nods of approval on that one. At the time I was not easily impressed with music and then people trying to perform something that didn't fall in line with what they do… it left a bad taste in my mouth to say the least.

So on this live album Jennifer Nettles starts talking before a song and she points out that she loves that the t-shirt of a girl sitting in the front row. She has some classic rock group on her shirt. Nettles then goes on to say that it isn't about country or rock "Its about the music."

With those words I started rethinking how I thought about music. All the things that I thought certain genres had to contain to make them this or that, out the window they went.

I honestly think it makes my music so much more enjoyable, because tossing the rules and guidelines out the window just leaves you open to absorb something.

And right now I couldn't be more grateful for that. I might have missed out on listening to one of the best songs I've heard in a long time.

I'm talking about music that Sam Hunt has put out.

I've been reading that Sam Hunt isn't country… but then again he's not really pop either.

Just follow me…

Hunt's debut single, "Leave the Night On" is a great song. The message itself is similar to lots of old country tunes, but it is placed in a different context, so to speak. The actual music of the song is different. It feels good and not exactly in a comfortable this is what I think of when I think of country music feeling. There is some pop elements to it, I'm not gonna lie about that. But this song moves you in a way that other songs just don't seem to.

When "Leave the Night On" came out I was excited to get a hold of Sam Hunt's first album, then my boss asked me if I had heard a single called, "Break Up In a Small Town"… He played it for me and now I am foaming at the mouth for this album to get dropped. Here is what I love about this song. While there is more of that dirty pop element its nothing that Florida Georgia Line hasn't already done. What's crazy is I really think that it is actually done better.

I know… sacrilege!

I enjoy Florida Georgia Line don't get me wrong, but there is something about the lyric of Sam Hunt's music combined with the orchestration of the music itself that gives me the warm fuzzies and makes me want to listen again.

I never in a million years thought that I would get the warm fuzzies over a break up song that talked about how everything reminds him of her and that she has now hooked up with someone he knows. Not exactly a fuzzy song.

But there is something about the total package that makes you stop and go, yes, this works.

Remember open minds.

So if your wondering if I will be picking up Sam Hunt's debut album you can bet money that this is one album that I have to add to my collection. Trust me you will want to add it to yours as well.

Sam Hunt's album Montevallo is set to release on October 27th.

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