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by Mudflap KLLL posted Sep 30 2014 6:43AM
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by JR posted Sep 26 2014 5:12PM

On a cliff in Australia there is now a house that is clinging to the wrong side of a cliff.
I'm not sure how I would sleep soundly in this house. Or sleep at all. Check this place out! 



by Kate Raines posted Sep 25 2014 1:24PM
Let's face it, this is a truth that is as far back as time. 

One conversation that I have in my offices on a regualr occurance is the myth that country music is so much more wholesome than anything else out on the market...

...Well, with the obvious exclusions.

I will be the first to admit that the genre is usually the only genre that proudly promotes God and Country, there are even artists that release gospel albums, and things of that nature. 

On the flip side of that country music will also gladly talk about all the sins that we commit before we go to church on Sunday.

A little known duo called The Warren Brothers, put out a single years ago "Sell A Lot of Beer" (these guys are best known for their writing chops)... I think they said it best: 

I wake up every Sunday mornin',
so that I can go to church and pray.
But after some of my Saturday nights,
things sure don't turn out that way. 

Those lyrics are the perfect embodiment of what country music is. I honestly don't think it could be put any better.

Here lately it seems like all bad behavior is on parade in country music. Its always been out there, but seems a little more forceful, and it seems the idea of falling in love is falling to the wayside.

With recent singles from Jason Aldean, "Burnin' It Down" and Keith Urban's "Somewhere In My Car", it almost seems like country folks have sex on the brain. 

I will admit that it was out there earlier with singles like, "Get Me Some Of That" by Thomas Rhett and even going back to Big and Rich's "Save A Horse (Ride A Cowboy)"... "Nothing on But The Radio", "Getting You Home"... Heck we can't discount a little song called, "The Pill".

Sex has always been there, even if it was just with implied intent.

The realease of Aldean's video for "Burnin' It Down" and Urban's debut of the video for "Somewhere in My Car" today I had to stop myself and ask, has country stooped to the level of selling sex???

There is a possibility... but the jury is still out.

I will say that while I like a good steamy song when there is a good looking man around, there are some things that just can't be replaced. The fact that love is foremost on my agenda, classics that were released by King George will forever be my favorites. Things like "Check Yes Or No", "Write This Down", "You Look So Good In Love", and "She'll Leave You With A Smile"... Just to name a few.

I'm speaking strictly speaking for myself, but I don't think the memory of that guy who goofily sang me "Check Yes Or No" to get me to smile would be the same. For some odd reason the thought of the same guy busting out in "Get Me Some Of That" is a little bit of a turn off. I know ultimately he wants sex... no need to sing about it. Ha!

While sex may sell, there is a lot that is to be said about being sweet about it... Let's get back to that.

by Kate Raines posted Sep 25 2014 11:51AM
Well, according to Tyler Farr its not. 

I've been enjoying all these things that are coming out about this "bro country" thing that seems to be happening in country music. I find it kinda of laughable, because it has always been around, there just hasn't been a ton of it circulating.

Then Florida Georgia Line came out with "Cruise"... this is where you can really see the upswing in the "bro country" fad. 

Don't get me wrong I love the boys of FGL...

I do hate some of the lyrics of some of their songs, which I will get to in a minute. 

Then along came this cute little duo called Maddie & Tae and they called people out. Some people laughed, and others were sitting there going okay whatever and just didn't care. 

Then there are guys like Tyler Farr that seem to take offense to the whole phrase all together. I agree with him. People write what they know and if that's what you know, its what you know. 

It is frustrating as a music lover and a country music listener to sit here and listen to well established artists who are capable of a lot more fall in to a trend like that, its discouraging and frustrating... then again I also might not be the best base line for your "average" listener.

After Maddie &Tae's arrival on the scene and making some waves, FGL kind of took offense. I'm not gonna lie.. it was funny to watch.

So not only as a woman, but an actual country girl, here is why I have problems with "bro country"... where to start....

The shorts! Oh my good Lord the shorts. I've been known to wear shorts and short skirts on occasion, but it was never in conjunction with being in a field. When I would work out in the field with my dad there were two rules before you left the house, solid shoes and jeans. Shorts were not allowed, and believe me you step on one snakes head and you were more than thankful for the solid shoes and the jeans.

The bikini tops... uhm... Where did this idea come from??? Any real country girl knows, t-shirts are your best friends. I would occasionally sport a tank top so I didn't have the worst tanlines, but t-shirts always and on days that we sprayed and were dealing with chemicals it was long sleeve shirts. Bikini tops, just not an option. Besides even if we were just hanging out in your truck... yeah no... I'll repeat it bikini top not an option.

The pick up lines, the being quiet, and being a truck accessory. Every girl knows that pick up lines are the worst. I mean what happened to just being honest? I would appreciate it if a guy came up to me and said, "Hey, you're kinda cute and I love your smile I think I would like to get to know you, could I get your number?"... Hello! I can dig it. No need to try and be smooth, because it just comes across as trying. I'm not a quiet person, so if that is what you are looking for you might be out of luck. As for being a truck accessory, here's an idea, why don't you come ride in my truck for a little while. Lol! 

Don't get me wrong I love some of these "bro country" songs and know every word to them, but it frustrates me to hear what kind of picture is being painted about country girls, cause its just not real, in any aspect.

Yes I like to get dirty, and drink beer, and watch football, and shoot guns, and go muddin' and all that stuff...

There is a line though, and only real country girls know where that line is. 

I guess that is all that really matters.
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