United Airlines! Here We Go…

Here we go again… this time it’s United Airlines.

In case you missed it, here is a brief overview of what type of backlash UA is suffering from. I can imagine how this conversation really with down…

UA: Sir, the odds were not in your favor and you are the tribute selected to give up your seat.

Passenger: No, I paid for this seat.

UA: About that *proceeds to beat passenger unconscious*

All joking aside, which is hard, because there is lots of it.

The list goes on and on, so I’ll just stop, but this whole thing has really shook me to my core… AND I HAVE NEVER ONCE FLOWN ON UNITED AIRLINES!

I have flown Delta, I have flown American, and I most predominately fly Southwest. After seeing all of this I am glad that I have never been subjected to United Airlines idea of customer accommodation.

I fly pretty regularly and I have to say that I have experienced a fiasco or 17 when flying.

I flew pre 9/11… what a glorious time it was. Then I flew post 9/11 complete with my zip lock baggie of 3 oz liquid bottles. I remember the trash bins filled with high end shampoo’s and other things that people were forced to toss all in the name of safe skies.

While most people were disgruntled about it, we were okay with this new regulation if it meant that it would help save thousands of lives.

Then there was the guy who tried to light his shoe… now we all have to walk through security barefoot, which I try to hard not to think about because my inner germaphobe would have a mental melt down.

Then came the advent of body scanners, which I much prefer to the, wanding and pat down that I have received on numerous occasions; because I don’t care who you are if you are a well endowed woman, not wearing an underwire is not a good option.

Then there was the time that I was pulled aside at the gate before boarding a plane and got to stand in a line that looked like the middle east’s most wanted list… I was the only one with blonde hair, blue eyes, and liquid paper white skin standing in that line. I’m sure the TSA officers patted themselves on the back for that one.

Pick out the whitest honky you can find and select them for the additional search… check.

And my most recent bout with the TSA was when I was pulled aside for BOMB TESTING!!! I kid you not.

Here I am in the security line and I am minding my own business, then I get pulled aside because I have tubes of bath salts, and bath bombs, from Disney’s Basin in my carry on, because I’m getting married and I wanted to give my hostesses a great gift, because they worked so hard on my bridal shower.

I guess I’m getting over this whole extra search thing, because the “conversation” I had went like this…

TSA: Ma’am we need you to step over here, we need to perform an additional search on this bag.

Me: Okay

TSA: Once I start this you can not touch the bag or any of the contents while I perform the tests.

Me: Tests?

TSA: Yes we are testing items for explosive residue.

Me: Fine. You can do whatever you want, but whatever you take out of that bag better fit back in, and it better zip when your done.

The TSA officer didn’t seem to threatened by me, but little did he know… I am totally capable of causing a stink.

However,  you guys… TSA is glad to report that the only thing they stopped from happening was a bath bomb, that warm March day. This all going on while a guy behind me was refusing to take off his sandals, “Dude, they aren’t shoes.”… I hope your feeling the eye roll.

So back to this whole UA incident. I have had a lot of my freedoms infringed upon, all in the name of safety when I fly. Having bath products swabbed and tested for explosive residue is pretty maddening. But never have I been infringed upon in this manner.

There is a thought in this country that if you purchase something you have rights to it… like a seat on an airplane. I purchased my ticket, I checked in, I have my boarding pass, I will have a seat. That is the usual thought process.

The more I look at this UA thing, the madder it makes me, because I’m constantly reading about safe spaces, and gun free zones. Seeing this makes me think about what are we teaching kids about life in these “safe spaces”?… I mean watch this video, you never really grow out of that bully on the playground type of scenario, because that is exactly what it is.

Then the thought that all this is happening because 4 employees needed seats, that’s maddening. I worked retail long before I got into this business and it was all about the customer. For example, employees had to park out in BFE and hike into work, where we would proceed to stand on our feet for hours on end, because the customers deserve the close parking… Little things like that.

But randomly selecting a passenger and when he doesn’t comply with your ask beating him? Really!?! That doesn’t seem like your best foot forward.

UA here’s a thought how about you just move on to the next passenger when someone tells you no.

I will say seeing today’s stock reports is mildly satisfying.

But what would be really satisfying is seeing this DOCTOR that UA roughed up, take them for everything they are worth, because if we are honest… We would all want to take United for everything they are worth.

Okay enough political stuff… I will go back to puppies, weddings and unicorns, promise.



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