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Stephanie Quayle visits the KLLL New Music Lounge

Stephanie Quayle visits the KLLL New Music Lounge to play her single Drinking with Dolly.


Stephanie Quayle… What can I say about Stephanie? Well, in all honesty I think that she is a displaced southerner, being from Montana. She is adorable, has this amazing sense of humor and is wickedly talented.

We here at KLLL got the pleasure of meeting Stephanie and Lars and getting to experience what their music is all about. Her current single is “Drinking with Dolly” and she just released “Winnebago”. Both songs will make you feel things. One makes me want to go wander down Broadway in Nashville again. The other makes me want to take a super long vacation in a Winnie and explore the country. I’ll let you pick which song is which.

Stephanie is dropping her album in the later part of May so keep your eyes out for it. I know I can’t wait to have it in my hands. So make sure you become one of the flock… the flock of Quayle that is, and check out Stephanie’s performance of “Drinking with Dolly” in the KLLL New Music Lounge!



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