Way Back Wednesday-Mark Chesnutt

***WARNING*** These videos may lead to beer drinkin’, heartache in the honky tonk.***WARNING***

Mark Chesnutt is one of modern country’s biggest influences.  Well, he is one of mine anyway.  But I do think his ballad’s have a way of creating some kind of emotion in everyone that grew up listening to this era of country music.  Nostalgic.  The first two “Too Cold at Home” and “Old Country” remind me of growing up visiting my grandparent’s cabin in Ruidoso, New Mexico.  The songs bring back thoughts of the Inn of Mountain Gods, before it was remodeled and the smell of coffee and my grandpa’s Marlboro’s.

“Old Country”

This brings back Jr. High memories.  Not that I have many.  The song is great, but I didn’t like school.

“Almost Goodbye”

Also reminds me of New Mexico.

“I’ll Think of Something”

Just had to throw this one in there for you….

“It Sure is Monday”

I am glad to see Mark Chesnutt out making records again.  His new song “Hot” is a great song.  Very bluesy, kind of a southern Louisiana sound.  It actually makes you feel like it’s hot whether it is or not!  It’s great!  Chesnutt’s back!

Interview and New Single “Hot”


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