Women Prefer Rich Men

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Well this is not good news for me or my buddies.  We are all semi-homeless.  In this study, scientists find that according to women, a man’s “out of ten” score goes up with wealth not necessarily looks.  This is no surprise right?  Same for guys.  Even though I do not care about how much my significant other makes at all, when weighing the pro’s and con’s, wealth is a fairly big pro!  Does that make me shallow?  Of course not!  Money gives us things we want and need.

The study says otherwise but most of the women in this video said they do not care what a man makes.  I like what the girl says at about the 40 second mark.  She says “some women like men with the qualities of a rich man.  Like working hard, passionate about what you do, confident, and so on.”  Great answer!

For example, A guy who made $30,000 per year scored a six on the “out of ten” attractive scale got bumped up to an eight when earning $300,000 per year.

Obviously just don’t be a gold digger and it’s all good ladies!

Read more at Daily Mail

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